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  1. If it helps you any i have over 600 games on steam alone, and I've been a sucker for early access games (the play styles drive me) I've played everything from Gloria victims, to 7 days to die to astroneer astroneer really is a gem, it's a sandbox style game and in my opinion the planet you start on is the best in terms of terrain and equal amount of resource types (the more rare resources are much easier to find on other planets but the basic ones are almost impossible) ive played this game for about two weeks now, and here's what I can tell you
  2. Make a giant marble track?? Wonder if it could do loopy loops
  3. Would be awesome to see this
  4. I saw a person who posted about how their 'done' playing the game because other games that are finished are better (that's what I got out of it) and I just wanted to say... i love this game, it's captivated me in ways most games cannot and I'm excited to be part of this project. You guys are doing just fine, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
  5. Performance will vary as patches come until a certain point, one thing to keep in mind is amd is awful and their apu's are even worse
  6. I agree with this, I was thinking this myself..maybe add a custom game option where it can be toggled. personally I love the art of the game and he cave formations specifically, I don't want to worry about a space hot dog when I'm exploring, trying to remember extra o2 tanks and batteries is worrysome enough lol
  7. I just thought of it during the last dust storm and thought it might be kind of cool, when a dust storm comes in you could play 'storm chasers'!
  8. I've got a 3570k oc'd to 4.5ghz, 24gb ram oc to 1866mhz and a 980ti running stock. 1080 is a high end card, a very high end card...1060 not so much imho. Kind of like my 980 ti isn't really 'high end' anymore :((
  9. I really thought that split screen was like a continuation of the current instance of the game, I didn't realize it was like running the game twice on one system.
  10. Hey there, I was just thinking about this and it really would be an awesome feature. Please implement this!
  11. A few things here 1. What cpu and how much ram are you rocking? 2. Are you watching your temps? 3. The gtx 1060 is not a high end card, it's a decent mid range card 4. Do you have tons of tethers all over? Devs have said that tethers will tank performance or, maybe there's an ongoing memory leak? Or maybe you've simply done to much to the world and the game is just chugging along. im not trig to be rude or offend, please don't take it that way.
  12. Rollback the driver and see if that works? Amd drivers suck, and if it's integrated it's even worse
  13. I've had this happen to me, took some jumping and holding different direction keys down to get out...or pull a seat near you and try to tab in??
  14. You translated it into that? That's awesome! Excellent job, hope we can find more thing like this
  15. Not sure if this is alllowed but I always enjoy looking st these types of threads, here's one of a truck convoy I made ealier. (I've spent more time helping my friends than myself though, my world sucks!)
  16. Zylo

    Astroneer Code

    Email the dev team and tell them the code they provided didn't work? If they really did give you one for whatever reason they will be able to see why it won't work
  17. Thank you, I saw the box where it said to enter a code for private betas that's where I got thrown off.
  18. I believe the game saves when entering a vehicle just like in sp, but it only saves on the host machine. dont quote me for sure but I'm pretty sure.
  19. Hello, I was wondering how I can access the beta patch on steam? It says I need a code, after scouring through the forums in search of the code I can't find it. Not even on the thread devs posted about the patch itself. Thanks everyone!