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  1. No game in an alpha state is made for a specific target of pc, they all run like crap until further in development that's just how it works. This game has no textures, I wouldn't say it was made to run on pc with an i7 and a 1080
  2. There's a known issue where trucks fall through the ground due to rendering problems, try digging where your truck was it's probably in a cave somewhere
  3. It's because the host has more cpu load during the mp session, devs know about it already
  4. I've played both and it runs so much better on pc, and the controls are horrible on console imho
  5. I agree, it's a pain the way it is now. You're welcome
  6. Right now the game will always spawn you at the default base on Terran, you'd have to go to that planet specifically each time you joined his game.
  7. I'm going to set this up Monday night and try to have it going by Tuesday night, goalies can be trucks 0:. ill stream to twitch!
  8. I like to do that sometimes, it's creepy and immersive imo. I'm still convinced in gonna spend a week making a cave base
  9. Lol that happened to me once and I found it by accident
  10. It'll be a while on dedicated servers, and the game is fairly buggy in MP but I've played with 3 others on steam hosting with an i5 3570k with no issues:)
  11. Everything is saved host side, as long as the game gets saved it'll be there
  12. Controls are awful on Xbox one, worst part about it besides slower patches
  13. I doubt your Xbox was overheating, the Xbox one S is slightly different then the original Xbox one and I believe the game was made to run on the original and not the newer version which may explain your fps drop
  14. Those are called 'tethers' and devs said a few times they're aware if you place to many it will tank fps what I do is after I got a rover or truck built just go around the surface or in caves or both and collect your tethers, your cars automatically act as a giant tether reguardless
  15. I'm assuming some optimization, I felt like the game ran a bit smoother even when I had 60 tethers placed down. ive noticed a new bug in MP though where if your not host sometimes you can't harvest various resources, for me it was power crystals and resin -.-
  16. He doesn't even need a new computer, just a new os OP you can go get an OEM win7 for about 90$
  17. KSP turned out very well and squad is on its way too
  18. This guy has to be a troll.. he sounds a lot like that guy who claimed he worked for Ubisoft
  19. I'd imagine if they do support this, it'll be in time with optimizing
  20. Your right it should've been resolved, I've had steam do weird things though lol.
  21. Verify integrity of the game cache?
  22. You worked for the company who makes more bug filled broken games than any other company are you serious right now? And, since you don't seem very aware, micorsoft has a QA process for patches before they get released to the console, the devs are probably trying to compile a bunch of smaller patches and release them as one big one on the console, but they probably can't release a patch to the console that would make the game worse bug or performance wise because MS would probably kick it back I've played this on xbox one and it runs much better than ark does, you want a steaming pile of sh**? Play ark!