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  1. I know it was more of a fill-in response (Sorry Joe but I'm quoting it anyways), but after hearing in the vlog that the WIP name for the sun is Sol, I couldn't help but imagine Terran being the 25th century's Earth. I.E. civilization as we know it took to the stars after leaving earth a wasteland, which the player rediscovers. Hidden in the deepest caves could be the remains of skyscrapers, tram tunnels, cars, research facilities (with hidden nodes), and other signs of previous human habitation. Imagine you're hours into a long and treacherous descent through Terran's core when this song cuts
  2. You guys at System Era are the most open and transparent team I have ever seen in gaming. Hands down. I help game test for another indie company and even they have more doors than you guys. It really shows in your blog posts that Joe goes the extra mile and probably even annoys some of you with how much he tries to share with the community! It really brings the hype, and I have to congratulate you all and your higher ups for allowing all the transparency. It really shows how much you all care about this incredible game, and community. Cheers!
  3. Hydrazine explodes?! To my pleasure this game is becoming more and more like Kerbal Space Program Great work
  4. With the addition of augments I suggest adding a more elegant and faster way to swap between items and equipment, that way you won't have to stand around for a minute collecting augments and building supplies when you want to start terafforming after splelunking or exploring etc. Think of it as a painter, setting down his pallet of dulls and picking up his pallet of accents. Here's my train of thought: storage modules have eight blocks, backpacks have eight blocks (+ the two additional top slots). Make it so you can swap out those eight blocks with a separate eight blocks while keeping t
  5. Hm, is it possible for me to visit your office sometime? I live just across the bridge and would love to say hello to the team
  6. Would be nice to have a way to change the size of the deform tool brush to edit smaller surfaces.
  7. Aye we can all agree on that - though the developers of Minecraft where amateurs
  8. Ah yes I forgot about those creatures - I concur with everything that you say, and might add on top of your thoughts that perhaps the deeper you go, the more threat and reward you get?
  9. I mentioned both of those in the OP. Neither of those plants are scary, and both of them are very easy to avoid once you know what to watch out for. We need something genuinely scary to keep experienced players on edge.
  10. Right now when mining the only thing you really have to worry about is getting lost. Once you understand how everything works mining is a fairly relaxed task, even if you veer off of your tethers and work in the dark. Running between energy and oxygen patches while skirting around spike plants and dodging fart clouds becomes fairly simple. I think it would improve mining if it was scarier when you decide to run away from your tethers. Maybe a vine plant that traps you if you stand still for too long, maybe a beast that follows you around but runs away in sunlight, maybe something akin to Half-
  11. a fellow Kerbinaut! Sorry if I sounded harsh in that first message, reading back now makes it seem that way. I've always thought of 'jetpack' as having rocket engines even though it has 'jet' in its name. It would be interesting if you couldn't use it on the moon. Might be better if it was like Duna vs the Mun in KSP, It's barely usable on the main planet (enough to get you off the ground, out of holes, over small gaps) but extremely useful on the moon (a viable method of transport)? My thoughts~
  12. Why wouldn't it work when there isn't atmosphere? Only jet engines require oxygen from air to burn. Unless this jetpack actually uses jet engines?