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  1. Original: Astroneer Club - Космическая база Turns out, there is a possibility to go to outer space without shuttles in Astroneer and even build a space base there! Claims 3 players (including you) Researched large or small shuttle Researched habitat (if using large shuttle) Researched 3-Seat Preparation To begin with, create a large shuttle and place a 3-Seat on it. Or create a small shuttle with 2 1-Seats. Fill in the shuttle with hydrazine. You will need to enter the Terran orbit, fly to Arid or Tundra and land there. Though, I do recommend you to
  2. Hello! I think it would be a good idea to have an opportunity to create custom subtitles for your videos on System Era channel. For example, I need this option in order to create Russian subtitles because I believe it will help you to reach more people with your game.
  3. Hello! I have found a bug that immediately crashes a game. REPRODUCING BUG Create a truck Create a rover Connect rover and truck Try to connect unkown plant to occupied truck port (it is strange that this plant stick to port with sound when you hover truck port). PROFIT! (I mean crashing) MY CONFIGURATION PC, Windows 7, NVIDIA GTX 760 MSI Mini, Intel Core i7-4770 3.40GHz, 32 RAM. Video and screenshot illustrating the bug are placed in attached files. 2016-12-24_22-36-21.mp4