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  1. Same here did all probes and still 1 colour missing, now i cant find the last probe to test putting another scanner (since i went using jetpack) i guess i will have to start a new game...
  2. Thank you very much @Gina, it worked now, took it a while but it worked, its not instant unlock but it works now, hope it works for you too @H fellow Astroneer.
  3. Couldn't agree more, hope someone can actually help us. I can tell doing all over again doesn´t fix it, found it twice, did photos (a few dozen), restarted the game both directly to windows and to main menu, nothing happened, heard all the radio chatter, nothing changed.
  4. I did it yesterday, i started all over again this morning to give it another try, got there took the photo and nope it still doesnt work
  5. First time i found the Apollo didnt unlock the new stuff (not even after restarting the game as other suggested), made another game atempting to do it all over again and still no clue, i see many people had this problem when lunar update started but all i can see is never been solved and we are a week away till the end of the event, since it is a time limited thingy, can we get any other way to unlock those new colour and visor? or if we dont get it we lose it?
  6. I just want something small to be able to flatten from the day 1, i like preparing the area before building
  7. As i suggested above "i think the terrain tool should carry by default a small canister integrated in the tool itself, something like a quarter of a normal canister, which purpose would be only for the modifying terrain and not for soil collection, that would require normal canisters."
  8. That's true, i didnt think about it that way, i'll give a try
  9. Yeah I discovered the roadmap the day after posting, since then i havent close the page i check it everyday
  10. OH its true, i didnt see it, it was way down there hidden, thx for the heads up
  11. When you build any module like mineral extractor, printer, vehicle bay etc there should be a little tutorial, like the old one a few images with arrows explaining how to use them, how you select the item you want to print etc, many are self explanatory but who knows someone may need a hand.
  12. Since the addon of canisters we require to have at least 1 canister with soil to be able to use the other functions of the terrain tool (add and flat) i think the terrain tool should carry by default a small canister integrated in the tool itself, something like a quarter of a normal canister, which purpose would be only for the modifying terrain and not for soil collection, that would require normal canisters.
  13. Sometimes i get lost looking for my beacons, i think it would be awesome to have base that launches some kind of satelite, and receives information about the planet, and allow us to display a map in base, we could also have a little upgrade/attachment for backpack like an antena to receive information from that satelite and display a minimap.
  14. Really good designs, i would change a couple of things on the first picture, there are 3 tiers of ports, tier 1 for storage simple things eg resin or compound, tier 2 that can hold research items and tier 3, which can hold machines. those platforms can hold 2 machines but they have no space for storage, so i would add 2 tier 2 ports between those already there, or remove 1 tier 3 and 3 or 4 tier 2. About the belt one is a great idea, i would suggest bigger ones (taller) since storage is a big problem on the long run.
  15. Hi there, I've been following the game since it started, checking every update from time to time, glad to see all the progress being made, finally vehicles are more driveable but still need some work. So I trying the new U8.0 and i want to share some ideas that really would be nice to be seen ingame. Lets start with stuff we already got in here. - Parking brake, whenever i go to the crane to drill if i stopped in a ramp, the rover will start to slowly go down, also if i'm in a flat area any storm just blows me away. We need any kind of brake, automatic or manual i don't care we just need it. Automatic could be triggered when out of the driving seat and release when coming in again. Manual could just be a new button or a full new mechanic if you want to go deeper, like make an "anchoring" system or something like the real excavators, some have an hydraulic system to pull them up and stay still and stable. - Platforms, I've been trying all the different models and i find only a few really usefull, some may even look like a scam. Only large platforms A and D are the usefull ones and I'll explain why. First of all there is no way to storage stuff in big ammounts for now we have to use medium storage on platforms or medium on top of big ones on platforms. When I come back from any cave with metal ore to smelt i place them in the smelter in large platform A and as it smelts the ore it automatically sends them to the medium storages i put in both sides, when it's full you can pick it and place it in the printer for use you only have to pick 1 thing and place in other place. Comparing this to large platform C you can see you have 4 more tier 1 storage ports but you cannot pick the entire storage to use it in other platform you have to pick the items 1 by 1 and therefore place them 1 by 1 so i prefer having less storage just because i can move them around faster. Large platform B is A without sides, so it is pointless to use it cause you need as much storage as possible for your items or the next storm will blow them away, or the next time you load the game they may spawn underground or not spawn at all. Extra Large Platform allows you to place 2 machines on top but no place for medium storages so, i prefer using 2 large A ones. - Trees, Big rocks etc, any big thing that does not dissapear when digged. We need something to get rid of them and avoid stockpiling there wasting memory. For trees we could use a new attachment on our tool to transform them into organic resource, or transport them with a winch and then proccesing them in any new machine. In rocks case we could use drill and get extra soil. From now on this are suggestions for stuff not in the game. - Recycling, please we need this system ASAP, i built something by mistake and i want to remove it, i may just want to upgrade my base i don't want any organic generators anymore. All things "crafted" ingame have a cost of 1,2 and 4 resource items (tier 1 recycle eg: small generator; tier 2 recycle eg: medium battery or 1-seat; tier 3 recycle eg: medium rover), so recycling a tier 3 would give you 2 resource items, tier 2 would give 1, and tier 1 would give 0. I'd also add canisters to the process and recycling them would produce soil too, giving a full canister for tier 3, half for tier 2, and a quarter for a tier 1. This system would give players some "security" when trying stuff, so if they don't like what they did they can remove it and not leave it around somewhere. - Packaging, since we print everything into boxes and "unpackage" where needed why not make a machine for transform them into boxes again in exchange of power. - Weather system. All planets except the moon (barren) have atmosphere, and there are only sandstorms, i would add different weather events in different planets, like longer and bigger sandstorms with a really big cooldown, Tundra should have blizzards, Radiated could have solar flares that shut down electrical power, Exotic could have northern lights (not all the events must be hazardous). - Water. It kinda shocked me the lack of water in any shape or form. We could have a water resource for other crafting recipes, for now extractable from geysers, using a pump and canisters, maybe further processing could involve a new machine to transform water canister into water resource. - Leaving starting planet. We can do everything in the Terran, what would make you want to build a ship and go to other planets. We can explore of course and gather some rare resources like in Arid full of titanium and lithium, but what else? we need something to make us go out. Since we are not some kind of astronaut lost in space, we came in big spaceship and we are able to trade, i guess we are not alone, so why not add radars, receive transmissions, giving us coordinate or some kind of mission. Explore this area for us, or we lost a ship in that planet go get the blackbox. Rewards could be materials, or research items, we could use trading platform to send "quest items". For now these are my ideas, hope you like them or find them usefull, tell me your thoughts.