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  1. Yeah, especially when you take the time to build it just the way you like it with all the fixings, super bummer. I will try to leave my ground vehicles at an offsite base when I use shuttle next time, take off and land shuttle from the same base separate from ground vehicles and see if that helps prevent the loss, I will post results tomorrow. For now I am off to bed to have dreams of space exploration.
  2. Dug a bunch, if they are any deeper than that... the devil can keep them. So, lets make this a "developer please fix" item.
  3. I'll give that a try, we can pretend lift-off caused a tremendous dust-up that cover them up
  4. I was so proud to build my first shuttle, fueled her up and had lift-off, did a few evolutions around the starter world and landed exactly where I took off. Once landed realized that both my rover and truck vanished... so happy to launch into space, so sad it cost me my two land vehicles. Lets fix this so future explorers don't have to walk back to their main base.