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  1. In version, the Tungsten Carbide recipe is not visible in the Chemistry Lab. The Astropedia > Resources > Composite Resources page suggests it should be. EDIT: Repackaged and re-iinstalled the chemistry lab and it shows up now.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that Aaron's head looks so tiny, due to the camera positioning? Movable base structures, though... sounds cool!
  3. Saw that they're addressing this in the upcoming experimental patch, possibly. yay!
  4. There is a ceiling cap. The planet seems to exist inside a cube, as the corners of the cap are at 90-degree angles. In this picture, you can see my truck tire perched on the top of the build limit. This is the barren moon, by the way. Terra is in the background.
  5. The ball can plug into a double slot - like the front of your truck, for an awesome hitch cover.
  6. My theory is that tether networks increase the problem, because of their need to constantly check the state and contents of every segment of the chain. (Power, connected to a source, etc..) Progressively longer chains might be checking each link in the chain several times a second... Just a theory, however. It is supported in part by the fact that I can mine for hours on end while just tethered directly to a truck/trailer combo, however, when I leave the truck at the top of a cave ramp and go about 20 or so segments of tether inside, there is a large difference in performance.
  7. This - pretty cool, though hard to tell when you stop going down and you start coming up.
  8. i experienced this a few times, on PC. If I have a really long tether system laid down, it gets worse. I notice improvement when a bunch of tethers are picked up and it gets worse, again, as the chain grows. Is this possibly something related to rendering of the tethers and refresh of the tether status information? I could see a problem if the interface is asking each connection what the status of the prior connection is. Example: Standing at connection point 8 means 8 asks 7, which asks 6, which asks 5, which asks 4, which asks 3, which asks 2, which asks 1, which asks the rover, "Do we have power? Use power.".. Imagine this happening down a chain of 40 connections, every time the tether network refreshes. I'm not sure this is how the system is set up, but it would make sense fin explaining the "lag" when tether networks become extensive.
  9. So, I decided to make a ramp up to the sky build limit to jump my truck off of. It launched well, but, when I flipped upside down and got ejected, I fell to the ground and the truck didn't. It seems that, since it dropped at a slower speed than I did, when I fell to outside tether range of the truck, it stopped falling. I tried it with a rover. Same thing. Once you get out of tether range of the vehicle, they stop falling. I ended up doing the lemming jump a few dozen times to get both vehicles down to the ground. As I'd pass them by, they would fall slightly, as I passed through tether range. I spammed "TAB" a lot and only was able to manage to get into the rover's driver's seat on the final try. Passing them by, while outside TAB distance was the problem, there. (Yes, I know I could have made a platform to get them down, but what fun would that have been?) Picture of my skyline base camp:
  10. True - Though for a release version, the ability to manage saves through the interface is almost always standard. It should be added before going live with a final.
  11. Maybe we can get both! From killing giant space spiders!
  12. Several bugs have been mentioned, which are related to the smelter being operated when there are insufficient receiver slots open on the table for it to output to. My suggestion for a fix is to have the smelter use only the slots on the left and right of the table as INPUT slots. Storage trays added to them would feed in automatically, as power is available. The four output slots on the lower middle section of the smelter would go away, completely. Instead, for OUTPUT, have the smelter eject the ingots out the front, similar to how the crane and excavator tool eject out their overfill. For ARTISTIC CONTENT, you could add a decent sized hopper to the front of the table to catch all of the ingots. After use. the player would have to manually pick up and place the ingots into storage or inventory, which works just fine, considering that most people would likely choose to sort them, based on type. As an additional idea, bulk bin hoppers could be a printable furnishing that could be used for loose storage, around the base.
  13. Sounds good. I think I missed the "Tethering" functionality portion of your original post. If it can draw power from a routed tether network, then everything would be just fine, as those sources would already be on the power grid, somehow.