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  1. To the point: -Different factions with similar items, but different traits (perhaps a certain theme). -Eg, one faction has smelter that doubles output, but requires one coal per doubled output. Perhaps they have a collector gun that is slower than standard, but with the use of energy/fuel units and oxygen units performs better than the standard... -different factions have different style of pod, buildings, vheicles... etc. And may all play to a certain theme.
  2. Keeping to the point: -Choose your own colours for suit, buildings, vheicles. (Eg, Base colour, 1 Base colour 2, Highlight colour 1... etc) -Character customisation. Eg, choose helmet, suit, perhaps some new backpack/harvester designs (same function, different look)
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    Falling through the world

    Same for me as well, occurs any time when I build directly under myself. The terrain rises faster than the character does and it envelops the character, causing them to fall below ground. Walking causes to fall further down into the ground, standing still sometimes makes you float back to the surface, waist level. Digging when character is waist level in the ground makes character pop back up above where things resumed to normal. DxDiag included. DxDiag.txt