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  1. Star Voyager

    What happened to this video

    +1 I agree. In my opinion there are too many plants all over the place on the different worlds as the game presently plays. The plethora of plants is understandable on the "Terran" class planet but too many plants on the other planet types. Love the look of the game in the reveal video trailer..
  2. Star Voyager

    General Glitches and Bugs (XBOX ONE)

    Item #23- Xbox One control options need to offer fully inverted controls. I have not been able to play since the last update due to the change in control style. For those of us that use inverted controls there needs to be an option for inverted controls for all aspects of the game. I get the itch to try and play every so often because I miss playing so I boot up a new game... then I remember that switching back and forth between control styles drives me insane!
  3. Star Voyager

    Tree Research - to chop or to climb?

    I do not particularly like the lilly-like trees (just my opinion). So if I find a bunch around my base... I dig a hole straight underneath them and bury those suckers so I dont have to see them upright or rolling around.
  4. Star Voyager

    Ability to name or ID bases on home planet

    I will agree. I think that naming a base is important for an immersive experience. People curse, hurl insults, send messages that are offensive all the time on multiplayer games... you just ignore and move on (I love being able to mute individuals in FPS games) If it bugs you too much you can report such behavior on the Xbox, (not sure about Steam). I hope the developers don't leave out features like this because of a select few that would attempt to ruin an online experience for the rest of us who want to enjoy an immersive experience in space.
  5. Star Voyager

    Make mining scarier

    Just a thought as I was reading this post and responses... mining or traveling underground could become more hazardous if there were patches of a radioactive resource or substance that the Astroneer would have to avoid or perish from radiation exposure. I agree with the sentiment that I would like to see more environmental hazards in the game rather than aggressive alien life.
  6. Star Voyager

    Orb Buildings?

    It may just be an earlier art style the development team explored or possibly one we will see in the future. Watch the Oct2015 youtube release video for Astroneer and you will see there was a different style for lots of buildings at one point. Just part of the organic development of a game... it is fluid and changes over time.
  7. Star Voyager


    I agree. Door to hab and to shuttles should be closed when the astroneer is inside. I will also share that I took refuge in my shuttle once from a storm and while I was sitting in it and I must have taken a direct hit to the head or something because I died in the seat... it sucked because I had a full backpack of resources since I was preparing to start a new base and I could not recover the fallen astroneers backpack since it was in the shuttle cockpit.
  8. Star Voyager

    Preview from A year ago looks a LOT better

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I would not have gone and looked at the video unless I read your post. I agree with you, the game looks great in the youtube reveal trailer from Oct2015. I don't believe that the console is the reason the game looks different as it presently plays, I may be mistaken but from what I see in the video I would think the Xbox hardware was fully capable of creating those graphics.
  9. Star Voyager


    +1, more variety in type and intensity
  10. Star Voyager

    Unlimited oxygen re-breather

    Thanks for the stats on the different options, very helpful
  11. Star Voyager

    Xbox One list of suggestions and bugs

    +1 on the control settings for xbox! Please give us the option to set the controls we prefer. I need my invert y axis back so I can play again.
  12. Star Voyager

    Some suggestions for a better/deeper game

    I like the idea of the storms that differ in severity. Each planet could differ in storm potential with most not having the most severe levels of storms present on their surface. This idea would build upon the differences the devs are creating between planet types and add to the concept that some planets are easier to settle and build on than others. Also make the risk/reward factor higher... trying to build a base on a planet that has the most severe of storm potential would be a risky proposition.
  13. Star Voyager

    Houses and indoors

    Yup, I agree as do others who have posted similar recommendations. Indoor spaces would be an amazing way to allow the players to explore their creativity as they build their base. Great pics!
  14. Star Voyager

    Sandstorm damage and construct repair.

    +1 on the tiered damage idea. I like this a lot, it does not penalize the player too harshly if routine maintenance is done and allows the for harsher penalty if the problems go ignored. As to if you are away from your base I think an AI companion (I brought this up in other posts) would be the one to tell you... just a computer voice, no physical form but it could warn you ... storm approaching base.... damage to base... low O2 levels etc.
  15. Star Voyager

    Unlimited oxygen re-breather

    In my opinion, oxygen is already very plentiful and unlimited so I do not understand the need for an unlimited oxygen tank. As Razinell said, if you fill your backpack with tanks (and use filters) it is possible to go a very long way without additional oxygen sources. I do not think adding unlimited O2 tank would add to the game and actually I think it would detract from it. I feel O2 should have to be produced by the Astroneer in the form of a greenhouse or oxygenator of some sort. After building it, the creation of O2 would be automated. An Astroneer's hab would have a limited supply at first and need to be replenished over time through the building of such structures before O2 runs out. Down the road I would love to see a dome or interior hab that the Astroneer could enter and check their supply levels of food, water, O2, resources etc.