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  1. I don't know if this have been forgotten but I've been looking at the road map and it hasn't been updated since january? Could I make a wish from Adam to give us some hype by updating as the current patch is released? Sincere Sathuros
  2. That dropship looks like serious buisness!
  3. Sathuros

    New update

    You know the dev team is 6 man strong and yet you compare with a company size like Facebook, seriously?
  4. Sathuros

    New update

    Adam said in the last stream that the team want to make the patch releases more equal so no one will be left behind (mainly due to the microsoft process). This makes them focus more on the bugs than try to release as often as possible, we as players get more reliable fixes and the dev's get more time and less pressure.
  5. @SES_Adam has made some really good work with the designs here! I can't wait to find out what he's up to next!
  6. # After this update I tend to spawn under my truck instead of next to as I did before this patch. Anyone else who can validate this error to this patch? # I noticed you have increased the recharge rate on research nodes and the ability to open the balls/cubes/spheres much faster. Nicely done! #The trucks are much less complicated to drive now and it feels a lot easier to attach several trucks together. Thumbs up! More discoveries will follow after a few hours sleep
  7. Why? There is no isolation in space and no oxygen-molecules were the sunlight can hit and warm up. If you look up the cosmic background radiation you will se it measures -270 degrees celsius (-455 degress Fahrenheit) which is proved to be the temperature in space.
  8. Adding water as cooling system to a nuclear reactor in space were it's absolute zero?
  9. For real?! This must be the most beautiful ski-trip ever created in space! Now I know what Im going to do with my massive powerplant
  10. Kerbal physics is simple aerodynamics and the equipment based on Nasa's ideas. As Adam were saying in the fridays' stream; they are watching several brands and companies and trying to merge what they want together with what might already exist in another games without crossing legal borders. (That's the impression I got anyway.)
  11. Behold the legendary zebra-ball! This particular ball has stunned scientist from our homeplanet since the day our beloved astronaut put his feet on the ground for the very first time yet to make this discovery. Rumors has it that it has no current use other than being a great light in the dark or to be put on a pillar at your moonbase to be praised like a divine object from a distant star-system (maybe this is the first sign of extra-terrastial life except our own presence?)
  12. At the stream yesterday Adam and Riley said that the patches are going to be released more simultaneously so xbox-players won't feel so much behind (it's MS verification process that consumes a lot of time before release) Next patch will be released next week anyway and it will contain loads of fixes and some content (don't expect much since they focus more on performance)