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    Morse code from satellite!

    Awesome! Will need to check any wreck I see.
  2. Gus Skywatcher

    To the center of Terran we go

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting reading. Any thoughts on bringing power down there? About how many tethers do you estimate you needed?
  3. Gus Skywatcher

    Cant Load Saved Games

    Thanks man. Happened to me, at least I know how to prevent it.
  4. Gus Skywatcher

    Xbox game loading issue

    When trying to load my game from the main screen, the game goes to the "disclaimer" screen then crashes without letting me select the A button to continue.
  5. Gus Skywatcher

    Astroneer not saving

    Guys, did you realize that you can load the saved games using the "ghost" capsules to the right of the original capsules in the main menu?
  6. Gus Skywatcher

    Xbox One control screen shows PC version

    Has happened to me too. Sometimes it shows the X1 controls and sometimes the Pc controls
  7. Gus Skywatcher

    Xbox One Frame Rate Video

    I recorded this video to show how bad is the frame rate. This was with the rover, the truck is even worse. Youtube
  8. Gus Skywatcher

    Xbox One Bug

    I'm getting the same problem. Any acknowledgement from devs?
  9. Hi guys, this is a bug I was able to replicate on Xbox several times. I built my shuttle just like you see on the picture, and it showed an inverted "1-seat" label. It also requests 2 Compound. After I provide those and click on the "Build" button, the game crashes to the Xbox dashboard. I did it several times. I just launched the shuttle to get the issue away. But I imagine that if I didn't have any hidrazine in the shuttle then the bug would still be there.
  10. Gus Skywatcher

    Astroneer not saving

    I haven't been able to save my progress yet.