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  1. Honestly these are so quality of life that the second I realized I could carry something or pack stuff up I completely freaked out. I actually miss storms, they added a few good "Oh crap" moments that I kind of miss.
  2. Hello everyone, I started played Astroneer back in Pre-Alpha before augment mods were a thing and rovers liked to become autonomous and fly into space to start their own adventure without you. I picked the game up again thanks to finals ending and oh man am I blown away by the progress this game has made. Astroneer is really something special and I've always loved the devs and how transparent they make their development process. It's a pleasure to see such a great concept executed with so much passion and attention to detail. I know experienced player are usually up-to-date and wanting more, but it's often nice to take a step back and appreciate what we have. With that said, what have been some of your favorite things added to the game over the years? Personally some of the things I'm really enjoying are: Tractor Train + Drill Large Rover Mobile Base Improved planets, terrain, hazards, etc Improved Crafting Movable Platforms / Packager
  3. +1 A black outline would be nice, even something thin. I honestly didn't know how much this bothered me until I read this post lol.
  4. Commander John

    Rover Speed tests

    I definitely agree that trailers help with rover speeds, and yeah large rover trains are the bomb I'm a little surprised how bad the buggy is though, I never used it much but I always assumed it would be faster given it trades off so much for speed.
  5. Commander John

    Can't make Printer due to clutter / building locations

    What you're supposed to do it extend a platform but not upgrade it to a large platform, and it can extend into more platforms. I could be mistaken but I believe that you can craft dynamite in your backpack, and use that to blow one of your existing platforms up. If not, it looks like you can still make a spaceship, land on a different area, and then make a printer there. Hope this helps!
  6. Commander John

    Dual screens

    Ooh okay, well for me that doesn't happen once I mess around with Alt+Tabbing a bit. Normally swapping to another program and tabbing back to Astroneer will lock my mouse on the game. That might just be me though.
  7. Commander John

    Dual screens

    Alt+Tab? I run Dual Screen as well and I don't really have any problems.
  8. Commander John

    Allow easy movement for giant solar panels

    This might be better suited to be under the suggestion forum, but regardless I think this is a pretty good idea. Even if there wasn't a full-on connector that you make, it would be nice to have more control over how you can maneuver things with a winch.
  9. Commander John

    Too much lagging

    The developers are working on optimization and bug fixes, and hold them as very high priorities. Don't worry! It'll get better with time! Also if you're playing for four hours at a time, might want to stretch out and take a little break or something
  10. Commander John

    What are good uses for generators.

    Use em' if you want lol. It's just preference really. I mean one large generator will produce a butt-load of power, but you can normally just get by with storing power throughout the day and then using it at night.
  11. Commander John

    What are good uses for generators.

    Solar panels can only generate power during the day. Wind Turbines generate power at random. Both are free to gain power from, with a Generator giving you power on demand, whatever the conditions. However it requires matter to produce power. It's more reliable. I'll normally take a small one on my Truck just in case I'm underground in it or something and I need some more power, then I can just grab some organic and get out.
  12. Commander John

    Road System

    That could be a really nice trade-off actually, maybe requiring a combination of both?
  13. Commander John

    Add a feedback button in the start menu

    This could be pretty nice considering how early in development it is, however these forums are very active as well as other community platforms such as the Steam Forums, Twitter, etc. I'm sure they're getting a lot of feedback already.
  14. Commander John

    Road System

    Haha I agree, it's fun bumbling along the surface but it would be really nice to have some kind of road. I guess you could manually do it, but that would take a VERY long time at the moment. Perhaps in the future there could be modules that can be attached to trucks, one that slowly pumps down asphalt-type ground to drive on, and maybe a gyroscope module that keeps your truck from getting knocked over for the most part, allowing your suspension to go over things without knocking you sky-high.
  15. Commander John

    Attached a Rocket Engine to My Truck

    I remember my first time getting there it was magical!