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  1. LB_Cake

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    The trucks themselves seem to be responsible for lost frames. I never hook mines up to the base but as soon as I hop in and drive away the game drops frames and it grows worse when towing.
  2. LB_Cake

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Waypoint is only visible from space, can't be seen planet-side. Like I said I watched it climb into the heavens at a definite sub-light speed, all the while reenacting it's glitched out flipping animation. In any case the vehicle is no longer accessible to me due to its relationship with the physics engine but this is nothing new. When I have time to play maybe I'll go looking for the other two three in the caves beneath my base? Or maybe I'll start over from scratch and see what new strangeness occurs?
  3. LB_Cake

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I've heard this happens, haven't come across any of my trucks yet during my spelunking. It'll be a nice surprise if an when I do. Man I wish this were true but I watched my truck ascend to the heavens after the crash that sent it's physics off to crazy town. I may give that garage thing a try though.
  4. LB_Cake

    Advanced Backpack

    I don't think an advanced backpack would ruin the game by any means or even disrupt the balance, especially considering it's an upgrade the player would have to choose to create. Having an advanced backpack would open the game up to much more possibility by opening up additional storage slots for resources and encouraging players to wander further from home/vehicles. I should also point out (again) that 33% was an arbitrarily selected number, the devs would need to do some pre-release play-testing to figure out what is viable. I very much like your printer idea. Hopefully someone at System Era is paying attention because we need a bit more stuff.
  5. LB_Cake

    Please Never Add Hunger

    I'll happily take a food free mode, if not give me a console command to replenish hunger so I can get on with the actual fun parts of the game. I have no love and less interest in feeding my game avatars.
  6. LB_Cake

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Of the four only one even remotely qualifies as visible, I can see it's vehicle beacon dancing around in space. The other three have disappeared without a single trace. I know there's a bug that will cause them to disappear or teleport into the sky if parked at the Vehicle Bay but I haven't lost any this way. Yes they are and it's not even close, of all my deaths the vast majority have come from being pushed into a cave by a flipped truck and then plummeting to my death. I've also had an issue where the wheels detach from the truck when I climb into the cockpit. During this bug the truck won't move at all, fortunately you can usually fix this by exiting to the main menu while inside the vehicle. I'm sure the trucks will get fixed sooner or later but given how broken they are at the moment (and what they do to frame rates) I don't see much value in building another regardless of the cost.
  7. LB_Cake

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Over two separate Astroneer's I've lost a total of four trucks on two separate planets a figure that represents a 50% loss rate. One is orbiting in empty space while the other three have apparently initiated a warp into the Void where I presume they'll become part of a Space Hulk someday. Add to this the the ridiculous physics, without a storage or trailer trucks are less stable than a horse on roller skates while the crane slides all over when ridden, and I see little point in building anymore vehicles. System Era get on this, the truck is bringing shame to your awesome game.
  8. LB_Cake

    Advanced Backpack

    Haha unless it's a rocket pack I'd prefer it come from the printer as well. I decided to throw the VB out as an alternative just in case reworking the printer (which does need more stuff) isn't feasible for whatever reason. I wouldn't want to go past four slots however since a large part of the games design philosophy seems to be simplicity. On the subject of the printer specifically, I'd like to see it used to print building components so we could build legitimate habitats instead of the drop pods masquerading as habitats.
  9. Yes you can just walk up to the trailer and hit Tab and it'll flip. I've had this happen a number of times in my games and never had a situation where I couldn't flip the trailer while it was attached.
  10. LB_Cake

    We need a map

    A map is most certainly needed but I'd prefer something like the Dead Space map, a holographic projection that doesn't clutter up the games minimalist approach.
  11. LB_Cake

    A good way to incorperate Hunger

    God I dread the inclusion of hunger in this game. Why do survival games so full of things to kill me feel the need to starve me also? Perhaps System Era will do some ground breaking and entertaining? One can hope...
  12. LB_Cake

    Advanced Backpack

    Don't know if this idea has been suggested in the forums as of yet if it has my apologies. Let me start out by saying I quite adore the current version of Astroneer but despite this I have some issues with aspects of the game. One of the aspects that disappoints me most is the backpack, while it's okay at the start I feel like an advanced option would definitely add content and make the mid to late game more enjoyable. Beyond that it would also lessen player dependence on tethers in the cave environments if they so choose. To these ends I'd like to suggest an Advanced Backpack that could be crafted from the printer. This version of the backpack would unlock after the shuttle in the research tree to ensure it isn't accessed to early. The crafting requirements would be as follows: Titanium x1 Lithium x1 Aluminum x1 Copper x1 In regards to the functionality of this backpack as I envision it there'd be no change to the number of slots (I'd hate to muck up the brilliant UI) rather the primary benefit would be a 30% boost to oxygen and power (Note: this number is totally arbitrary), this is where the advanced comes in. These boosted stats would be the only difference between the starter pack and the advanced. Visually the advanced pack could be differentiated by a two smaller air canisters (one at the top and bottom of the pack or one atop another at the top of the pack) so as to avoid confusion over whether the upgrade was successful. Also I do realize that as proposed this would require the printer be expanded to accommodate four slots instead of two, should this prove to burdensome the Vehicle Bay would be a suitable alternative.
  13. LB_Cake

    Please Never Add Hunger

    Please, please, please never add hunger to Astroneer! Let me continue my single minded focus on building, digging and exploring without the constant nag of hunger. I don't like being hungry in real life so you can imagine how little I like it in my fun.
  14. LB_Cake

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    So every time I close Astroneer the game crashes. I'm fairly certain the crash is owed to a glitched truck. During a ride on Terran my truck flipped and ejected me directly beneath it, the collision detection had a field day with this and crashed the game. I reloaded the save only to find my truck re-enacting the crash roughly 50 ft in the air. Since then I've spent roughly four hours playing the game and the truck is now doing its funky dance beyond the planet in empty space. I'm hoping that eventually it'll crash into one of the other planets and stop its disturbing gyrations. A recommendation, turn down the physics attributed to the truck - and rover if applicable - it flips far too easily, seemingly every rock on the Terran surface can catapult the vehicle into the sky with little effort.