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    Glitching and Repopulating terrain in multiplayer

    Definitely a standard multiplayer desync. Not processor specific. I am running intel i7 and am seeing these when i mine in my friend's game. It is terribly annoying when we try to go cave diving and i can't follow along because of the leftover voxels that aren't being synced.
  2. ksx_kshan

    Best Tethers! (pc ver

    I assumed this was a feature
  3. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    For those who have this question: It turns out you can pick your character.
  4. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    Did you get my friend request? I don't see you as online.
  5. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    Invite sent, Mine is Kaotic_Slaughter. I'm going to grab a coffee real quick then I'll fire up.
  6. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    If you want to test I could run a game and invite you.
  7. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    Yes, that is correct. Though I am not sure if the other person can select a specific character. I did not ask my friend if he could select a character or not. Maybe someone else has this answer.
  8. ksx_kshan

    Spaceship will not launch

    You need a real seat, not one attached to the inventory. You will need to build a new spacecraft, currently, as there is no way to remove modules.
  9. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    That is odd. I have not had any issue playing multiplayer so far when I start the game and send my friend an invite through steam. Perhaps your network connection dropped or something. I would try switching who "hosts" the game and maybe have the other person try to join instead. Maybe your firewall is blocking the steam ports? If none of that is the case, I would suggest submitting this as a proper bug. The multiplayer is quite fun and stable from my plays. I hope it works out for you.
  10. ksx_kshan

    CO-OP problems

    One person must start the game and the other person must not have it started. Then you invite / join through steam and the game will launch for the second player and drop you right next to each other.
  11. ksx_kshan

    Can't fly my spaceship

    Not sure if this is a recent change, but I could not fly one with a regular land seat. Only the built on spaceship seats work to takeoff - for me at least.
  12. ksx_kshan

    Demolishing Modules

    This is not currently implemented. Just make sure you have at least one available hub at all times so you can branch off if you mess up your base. Or research and set down a fresh habitat module and start a new base.
  13. ksx_kshan

    Help with joining a friend please

    Make sure the person hosting starts the game, but not the other person. Then have the other person join through the steam friends menu or invite.
  14. ksx_kshan

    How can we support the devs more?

    Yes, please take my money!!