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    Astroneer Ideas-Part 1

    I think instead of adding recycling to already made buildings they should become new ones. Or else you're taking more out of the game also the spacestation should be a object on its own instead of developing from already made ones, it seems you like doing that I recently read someones idea of a greenhouse to provide both oxygen and food, I think thats a really good idea
  2. ReeceCJ

    Unlimited oxygen re-breather

    May I take that Idea of a GreenHouse and add it into my Ideas List? I'll give credit to you ofcourse
  3. For interest sake: Weather Alert Center- it would be interesting if a weather alert center could be added to send out an alert when a storm is approaching. Whether it could be a pinging red alert sign in the middle of the screen, which won't be in the way but transparent enough. Weather Alert Center (Integrated Part)- By having a satellite in the planets orbit this can provide accurate tracking of a planets weather system. Which in turn can give earlier warnings as to when a storm will hit the home base. For usefulness: Removable and Recyclable Buildings and Objects- 1. Having a destroy button i. A safety feature for this idea could be that when deleting you have to hover over the destroy button for a certain amount of time to complete the process. 2. Having a Recycling station that gives back converted usable materials made from breaking down the object. Uses power. i. There could be a small Object Recycling Station(Small satellite) and a big Object Recycling Factory(Like a rover and above) Creating Alien Lifeforms– i. Creating lifeforms that benefit in resources, being able to create organics etc. ii. This could be manmade by merging certain fragments of a species DNA with a frog on a life-thriving planet and etc. some DNA fragments could be rare where others are not. iii. Genetic Modification could be a success chance not always being successful. Being able to send probes from one planet to another (Having a fixed location on each planet)- i. This would allow players to send resources to each other from planets away. ii. This can go hand in hand with the satellite functionality discussed in the Weather Alert Center, by using satellites you can accurately provide correct orbital control controlling when a drone will ascend (Meaning when it is within range of the desired planet) and descending onto the designated area(Being in line with the target and not going through the planets core) Also when using resource transfers over multiple planets, a automated system can send it from one planet to another depending on whether the range between the planets are correct and etc.(Not jumping 3 planets away defying fuel consumption and probe power) Having gravity fields– 1. This can be useful for planets that have very low gravity, the building or object, probably a large size to fit a large area. Can control the gravity somewhat so the player can have the same as Earth’s gravity. Another addition could be that the gravity controller can be increased or decreased depending on preference. Base Storm/Weather Shields- i. I for one would love the ability to have a building/Object that runs on Power, not being unlimited, that can provide a spherical energy shield to protect myself from storms that bring deadly flying debris. ii. This could also have an On/Off switch to not waste Power when a storm is not incoming. Weather Alert Center Integration– i. By having a Weather Alert Center you can set an automatic shield response to protect your base from the incoming weather system. This is a work in progress so I would absolutely love some feedback Hope you guys like my ideas
  4. ReeceCJ

    Smooth Terrain Functionality

    That is true, more of a spread tool if I think about it. I wonder if a flatten tool will be added tho
  5. ReeceCJ

    Smooth Terrain Functionality

    To be precise it isn't a flatten tool it's a copy tool. It "copies" what you held Ctrl over to the rest of what you hover over. Flatten tool is very misleading
  6. I like it but I think the brush is as big as it should be..Instead there should be ways to make it smaller. It seems a lot of people are thinking on the lines of a sandbox game where you can do whatever you want. I agree it is awesome but it should have it's limits. Just an opinion though