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    space stations

    in a recent live podcast they said that they really want to focus on game play on the planets as opposed to in space... in another podcast one of the creators talked about how a loose story line is you are on the planet to gather resources to send back to earth... so space doesn't seem probable also this: https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning
  2. iamtommohr

    Anti-Gravity rod?

    any pics or video? I've seen lots of wrecked ships but have not seen rods of this sort
  3. iamtommohr

    Unknown object found!

    find a way to keep it until you can open it and learn the secret to life (in the next patch I hear) (I didn't really hear that at all)
  4. iamtommohr

    Just Me And My Friend Looking At How Satisfyingly Flat It Is

    how long dat take? It's pretty.. but think of all the resin you could have found in that time! lol - well done
  5. iamtommohr

    Drill head on crane arm

    may be a bit buggy for you... this can go a little crazy sometimes... maybe try restarting?
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    Astroneer friends wanted

    if you connect to the reddit there is a discord chat from there - it's a great community to ask questions, link up with other folks and also play some multiplayer http://www.reddit.com/r/astroneer
  7. iamtommohr

    Satellite Mini Game

    ugggggggg why do I have to be away from astroneer for the next week?!?!? now I want to do this so bad :-/
  8. iamtommohr

    Please reduce storm and planet orbit times

    just throwing this out there, but there are some times I hear a storm coming and run for it.. and then it never actually passes me. Are you getting actually stuck in all of these storms? Or do you just hear them and immediately tab out?
  9. iamtommohr

    auto walk

    Short and sweet - I'd love a button that I can turn on and it just walks automatically without me holding it down. Preferably a sprint. Please Other than that, I'm super happy atm - thanks for everything!
  10. iamtommohr

    World Bridge

    please share updates!
  11. iamtommohr

    Smooth Terrain Functionality

    have you used this at all to make bridges or something on an angle (if you get your truck stuck or something like that in a cave) The thing that I would like the most is being able to see what angle it's going at and then it levels it out. It just doesn't seem consistent to me all the time.