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  1. Lihany

    List of lots of multiplayer bug

    Yeah, you can fly with the host inside tho, but there is almost no point as the base on other planets will be invisible, and you'll respawn on the first planet lol The research thing must be added too, only what the Host discovers will be applyed to everybody
  2. Lihany

    List of lots of multiplayer bug

    True Also: The "pure" energy resource that you use (on the backpack) will not be completely depleted once used (the "holder" thing will still be there) Nice add Frigidman, that things also happened a lot with me
  3. Lihany

    List of lots of multiplayer bug

    Yeah that one is being the most annoying for me, together with the respawn always being on the first planet for new players
  4. Hello again As some already noticed, some things that can be attached to vehicles can bug them pretty bad. If you put two habitats attached to a Truck (one each side) on the Moon, then drive until you fall upside down (making you automatically exit the car), it will be constantly accelerating (without losing energy), and the low gravity of moon will make it fly a lot, until you take the habitats off.
  5. Lihany

    List of lots of multiplayer bug

    I meant "It shows 2 lines"
  6. Lihany

    List of lots of multiplayer bug

    Oh yeah, and when you are harvesting something, and your inventory gets full (so the item will drop on the floor) it cant be obtained nor moved by you (not tested with the host tho)
  7. Hey guys and moderators! Im gonna list all the bugs that happened to me and my friends Hope to see some fix asap, because its REALLY gamebreaking. Lets begin with the most annoying thing, that is the constant Desync between the host and the other players, resulting in those problems: -Almost impossible to drive anything, as the car will fly away or bug like crazy, and maybe start to fly constantly -Material dug on the floor still appears for some players, and its still able to be dug, but the player wont get anything from it -The resource fonts, (those that refill time to time) are also not sync with players, meaning that someone can take it, and it will still appear and be able to be collected, without getting any material -The exchange platform shows the wrong ratio between the players, and the only "right" one is the one that appears to the host (i.e; when you log into the server its ratio is reseted to (organic if I remember well?) as at the same time it is showing Aluminium to the host, so it will get Aluminium instead of organic, and your choice will not be the right one, as its not sync'd with the host) -Still on the exchange platform, you cant see it when it comes back, only the host can. -If you create an Habitat, and put it in another planet, when you extend it, you wont be able to see the extension, unless you relog (not tryed changing planet to see if it reappers yet) -still- -The Solar panel wont produce energy for you unless you make your own (everytime you logoff this will repeat) -The energy needed for the Fuel Condenser is doubled for players other than the host(?) It shows lines of energy bars, thats crazy lol -Not only in multiplayer, and Im sure you are already aware of this, but specially Tethers are really lagging right now, specially when you have a lot, and on other planets. Also, it would be cool if there was a few more ways of making the game run easier, (like the vision range that its already there, but something that doesnt affect the mechanics) -Like options to make the Weather or plants faster to process- But its ok -Backpack being bugged and invisible when you log off -If you relog while in another planet, you will spawn in the first world, that is r e a l l y annoying Please make the respawn on the last habitat you entered, or on the same place you were, pretty please <3 I think the problems are kinda ok-described, but if I need to detail/show/screenshot/video any of these, just tell me Thanks! Love Astroneer so much <3 Hope to see less desync problems, as the whole fun of the game is in multiplayer
  8. Hi! Somebody must have found it already but.. If you bury yourself 100% on any floor you go through it, and can either go above automatically, or walk until you reach another open zone, or even keep walking to go deeper I'ld make a video, but its so simple to do and explain haha Perfect game btw <3