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  1. To a better orientating, especially in big, multiple connectet caves, it would be fine when we can place signs, where we can write a text of our choice. This could be produced in our backback with compound, resin or another simple material. I think there can be on of two options: one sign for one material, or like with theters, a small number or them. It would be great when we can place this on ground and / or on walls, write a text inside, and more better, if we can choice which design it have (simply square or with an arrow to rigth, left, top or down) and much more better, wh
  2. I think it would be enough, when there is a button at the homescreen, where you can generate a new start Planet. Only to get an new geography or topology when the optical design is not your wish.
  3. I found it would be a very good Idea when we can remove existing buildings from our base, maybe with a little recycle process that we get some materials back.
  4. Summary: On the Moon: Science Item with no gravity Description: I found a science item which was connectet to a sattelite part under the ground, inside a cave. I get it but when i release it of my cousor, it dont fall on the ground like other things in the same room, it flys at the position where i left it in the air. It was fixed at this position and dont move. Now i was able to hit it with my body an it begins to fly slowly around, like in space with no gravity. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: ?
  5. Summary: Items falling into the Ground which i collectet on the Moon, when Backback was full. While walking i was suddenly teleportet in the air an falling down. Description: I collectet some stuff with the terraforming Gun, i think it was compound or resin, and there was some energy on the ground. As my backback was full, the energy falling not on the ground, it falls into the ground and was gone. Same happens e few minutes later with energy. After that i walks back to my base, a little distance to this i was suddenly teleportet to the Air and falling down. It was n
  6. I have the same problem. But its not with load games, even when i start the game, my constrols are resetet to a standard "wasd". When i change this, and i play a new or saved game an go back to the home sceen, its all ok. Only when i restart the game the control settings are again to standard. I play on Steam with Mouse and Keyboard on a Windows 10 64 bit PC.
  7. I have the same situation at the Moon of the Planet I startet. I collectet some energy in the caves, which I connectet to different points at my very small base at these Moon. Some was connectet at the research center, some at a node point of the base, some was in the depot of my shuttle. One of these energy items was not used completely, one ball is still over, and its dont want to be used, when energy is needed. When i connect it to a fully charged station it happening nothing. But wen I connect it to an no completely loaded Station, the energy bar of these will falling one yellow stripe dow