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  1. So i have been experincing some sort of tether light limit or something, tether to left was placed hour 1, tether to right was placed hour 13. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Thank you so much you're a lifesaver 58 hours can continue
  3. I closed my game for the night, and when i woke up all my suits visors and emotes are locked again.... 58 hours this week down the drain... i had everything. Im very upset and dont even understand how something like this could happen. It might even be a steam issue, steam was not wanting to open or even close for that matter. I wish i could get those back i dont want to make a new save just to get every damn suit again until the next big update
  4. So if you have this issue just save then quit....
  5. I dont know whats causing this, also all my teathers teleport up a step every once in a while
  6. So you can pick up printers while there printing, I dont know what it effects but hey it would be cool if it was fixed. I hope this doesnt sound nit pickey or anything. Thanks for listening!!!
  7. So I have, up until the 1.0.9 update, had smooth frame rate in this game! But I updated the game and now two fps... plz help!!!!!
  9. I do agree, I have played this game from start to "Finish", aka researched everything and explored every planet and i still love it!!
  10. For starters, the flattening tool is terrible for walls so far as I can tell, and SOLAR lol requires the sun. secondly, i would love to see these larger scale... storage shacks... bunkers... habitats.... um holes in the wall... whatever you prefer lol.
  11. but it was sooooooo valuable...... i cant live without my reasearch.... lol anyway thanks im sure it will be fixed soon i really just wanted a storage module and i felt like complaining
  12. I built this cool bunker and it can hold a ton of resourses
  13. Ok so i`m underground trying to get a RESEARCH ITEM down from the depths when I placed it down I let it go and it went through the wall. Can you please fix this it was very annoying.
  14. Me too, I haven't found another so it must be pretty rare.