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  1. weather transmitter

    Well, I've studied that stuff, so sorry to correct you *g*. But the idea of having an early warning system at your base whether it is getting hit or it would only be a short pass might be a quite nice idea, even if ... not necessary from my point of view, as it isn't really tricky to avoid/escape it (in the form it is currently implemented).
  2. weather transmitter

    The "ball" you both drew is called a radon and contains the parabolic antenna or radar antenna (the radon protects the antenna from rain and bird poo). Combining them is kind of .. technically not correct *g*. But nice suggestions
  3. Buildings, Structures and Plants

    We'll see whether this is already on the radar of the devs! But, in addition, I have to "plant" this small idea here: seeds are relatively useless at the moment. What if grown up spikers would drop some energy from time to time? That would be relatively simple to implement, I think, and would allow us astroneers to start farming some seeds to get free energy :).
  4. Aaah, completely lost :D. TAR is not the solution for everything. Went arid with loads of resin and compound, made a mistake. Indeed, made a sediment filter, but have no sample anymore. No fuel to go home, no resources to build a fuel condenser or something, quite tricky *g*. Like it :D. Now flew to two new landing spots, at the moment I do have 3 resin which would be enough to build one pod, which I would need to process fuel, have not found any compound. And even if I would, if I fly back, still no compound sample *G*. Nice unexpected challenge
  5. Forgot to mention: Research path: way better! Like the power usage. Power on the backpack is not useless, but not too restrictive. From my point of view the sediment filtering process and the fuel-production from ammonium could take way more time. Very like the vivid red color of the "fuel reactor tower" when in progress. Therefore it is very easy to see from quite some distance whether it is finished or not. If it would take more time that would need some more planning (press start button, load your shuttle, when finished fill your shuttle and leave ... or something). Sound and animation: very pretty! Maybe I was just lucky but I have had quite some ship wracks around my start base. Was fun to climb the mountains to get the resources out of them.
  6. Ha, just played for about 4 hours and I LOVE IT! What I really really like: Small generator, mods, and the oxygen tank from beginning. That's awesome. Easy but weak power supply, and oxygen tanks which quickly allow to do longer explorations. Sound in caves has more echo now, right? Sounds awesome TAR balancing is WAYYY better than the first shot in the beta. Quite like it! Even if you run out of terrain (in canisters) it is quite easy to get some fresh from a wall to build a ramp. And the balance still allows to fetch tons of that stuff to create resin/compound relatively quickly which I used to create some storage's and fill the shuttle with some basic elements. The cursor which shows the tank-usage is pretty nice. Would not have came up in my mind, but that's a very cool solution! Uncool: Tethers are obstacles again for the truck. Not sure if I like it *g*. Bug's found (exists since months): Playing on Windoof 8, Steam. As soon as I come close to one of those "constant resource rocks" (power, compound, resin) the view becomes very strange. Seems to be a buggy FX filter from the engine or something. Never seen bug reports regarding this. And not very important at all :). If there is one of these black'n'white balls next to you moving items becomes very weird. Not important as the balls have no real meaning in the game. Still having this weird jumping-cursor-behavior on non-terran planets, I think I have to wait for Terrain 2.0 to leave my home planet :). Overall I really appreciate this update. I think that the game made a good step towards getting playable (again)! Well done chaps and gals! Enjoy your weekend! Greez R
  7. @GoldenOuroboros The basic idea is to not render all the objects out of your sight which are "useless" given your current location. I am sure that you will see your blue cable at the moment your face is getting the same color :). However, the base on the other side of the planet, or even on another planet, does not have to be visible and animated while you are suffocating 10 floors underground. Looking forward to the next update. And @GoldenOuroboros: good luck finding the oxygen. You can make it!
  8. Screenshots Megathread

    @Violent Jay it's just behind you, you creepy clown
  9. Aii, just had an inspiration *g*. I think of old bases you can extend as your old bases (add modules and stuff). So one idea could be that one/some of these bases have a special power unit. This unit cannot be removed and brought somewhere else, as it is to big and too old or whatever. They don't work, as they are empty since hundreds of years. However, you can fix them by bringing back 2/4 power-units from old satellites. These power-units then produce constant energy for this base (a benefit which you can't have on other bases). Some might now say "well, yeay, but we have better technology, why can't we build these things now!". Well, we are alone and we don't know how ;). Second is something similar, an abandoned telecommunication platform/base/container/antenna. Broken, indeed, but could be fixed by adding some parabolic antennas from---tada---old satellites. As soon as attached you might get some sentences and messages from the outside telling you something about why you are there or what to do (storyline). And now, good night!
  10. That's a lovely idea. I especially like (even if it might be a bit of a problem to implement) to see an abandoned base with the old-fashioned pre-alpha-release style! Beside that I believe that this could add an extra element to Astroneer. Thinking of dozens of planets gives me the feeling that it would be the same and the same again (indeed, not enough fantasy at the moment). Having abandoned bases could add a very interesting storyline-feature to the game and make exploration more interesting. Maybe finding some non-researchable modules which you can only fix by gathering some rare satellite parts? A "compound creating machine" is a good first shot, but it's a small benefit of a lonesome man. Maybe something more cool like ... (argh, not enough fantasy). Maybe other players have some cool ideas!
  11. A quite long post @The Gray Mouser I'm absolutely with you: this game should keep it's magic. I don't wont to go into details, but I also understand some inputs and comments. I personally think that the most important thing is to (a) keep things in balance and (b; at least as important) that the technology is understandable such that the players can somehow relate to the challenges and difficulties and find some ways around it based on real life experiences. The magic-level should therefore not get out of hand (and that is not what you suggested, I'm not complaining about your post ). Just as an update to make my statement more clear. Think of a planet far away from the sun. There, the solar radiation is less wherefore the climate might be way colder. And everyone knows (depending on where he lives) that, if it is cold, everything is getting a bit more difficult and things are getting harder (e.g., physical activity). What we do in real life is to protect our-self with warm cloths and maybe take a hot tea. Let's imagine that Astroneer adds this to the game. On these cold planets moving might be a bit harder, or one needs more energy or oxygen for the suite to and for the life-saving features of our little Astroneer. Providing some suite upgrades to get around these drawbacks is one idea, so offering options to upgrade the suite or to improve the situation by going deeper underground is "real life" but one peace of that "puzzle experiment" SES is heading for. From my point of view the solution can include magic advanced technologies, but the basic idea comes from real life. That's the way of thinking I would like to see
  12. I've just had 2 hours of "sediment fun". To be honest, I miss it a bit in the current non-beta. Hope that we will see an improved and more balanced SAR version in the official branch soon!
  13. Ou yeah! I very like the power-idea. Reminds me of some of the concepts of the sim-city series: taking care of a system distributed over a certain area. A possible scenario might be: Have a base camp ... ... place smelter/research pod bit away where the resources can be found ... ... place your "sediment digging area" away from the base and production site ... ... and set up a wind/solar plant on a nearby mountain to be able to do your business! Further extensions might be a place to dump waste, separate "environmental unfriendly" production from your home base, or even better, far away from your organic production domes (reduced productivity if in smoggy/radiated/dirty areas), and so far, and so on! Cool, quite like the idea as it might open the door to some new and very interesting features and extensions! Go on chaps and gals! PS: shirts are cool, but the logo is way too big for me, I'd prefer a bit more of understatement
  14. The "open seat" can be printed on the medium printer (or large printer) and is this kind of "buggy-seat" used for vehicles. The "closed" seat can only be printed on shuttles. However, you can also use an "open seat" on a shuttle and fly trough space, technically they are both the same. But the "closed seat" is a bit more realistic if you use it on your journey to another planet :). Btw: have to be researched, of course.
  15. Some good suggestions have been made in another thread here: What I am using to (at least try) not to loose orientation Tethers, tethers, tethers Always place tethers on the right (or left) hand side to know in which direction you have to walk. Create arrows, fingers, or hands pointing towards your base. Use the terrain analyzer feature to draw color lines on the floor of your main path. Try not go get lost *g*