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  1. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    Ah, thanks @Wyvyrias. Seems that I've simply overseen the twitch vid from last week, sorry :). But overall there was only little. Looking forward to the next update!
  2. A new healing module

    Ha, nice artwork there. And I kind of like the idea! But must be a rare plant. Currently, I am often getting attacked by pumpkin plants I can't even see (e.g., when they hang on the ceiling of the cave below you and there's jut a small hole). Imagine that you are digging deep underground, cant spot any "illness plant" but they can see you, *Zap* ill, and you are 10min away from your healing module. Then you have to options: (i) die, (ii) walk back (if not too far away). However, in both cases that might be annoying :). A slightly modified version could be that the attack of the plant makes you ill in a sense that you loose some of your "maximum health". As we do not have a status bar: how would you be able to see this? This would make you more "fragile" but you could still explore. And as soon as back at the healing-module you might heal yourself to get 100% again. However, I somehow think that dying is the cheaper option here, so not sure if this concept would work :).
  3. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    No live stream insights, vlogs, or Q&A's since quite a while. Sad. Very sad. I know they have better things to do than making videos and tease new things, but I always liked to see that stuff is going on and give some cookies to the community. But at the moment it is very silent. Hmmm ..
  4. This topic has been discussed few times already, however, I think that you put in some cool new ideas. 1) Highlight home base: that's kind of a reverse view of the "problem". Rather than adding dozens of beacons to your compass, add some markers how to return to your base. I quite like the idea as it still requires some kind of "inner plan" but helps to get back when lost. 2) Infinite beacon view. Beside that I think that this will look ugly I think this won't work. Imagine being on the exact opposite location of the planet - the beacons would rather be confusing than helpful. 3) Coordinate system: I cant yet imagine how you would implement that into the game. For sure, the devs diskile the idea to add some numbers to one of the corners of the screen. An option would be the "research screen" (somehow similar to the watch in fallout) or to the compass. However, overall this would still require that you either write down the coordinates of you target or home base to be able to navigate (which is good). 4) The number of details when looking at a planet is quite low. Would be cool to get a better idea what we are looking at from the space ship. I also like the idea that indicators (beacons and dead bodies, or only beacons) could be seen from space. First of all that kind of shows you the extent of your explorations, second it would remove parts of the "let's guess where I would like to go" thing :). And now, I'm not sure anymore whether we can see the beacons already from space? But I think no? Should work less and play more *g*. Greez R
  5. Hehe. Yeah, that would not be that much fun :). I knew it but wanted to try something new, especially as I was interested how big the moon really is. I always thought "oh dear, this time I have to see the icon at the horizon, for sure!" but ... no :).
  6. Well, I was moving backwards. Walking backwards having the line of pots in front of me. Try to more or less walk straight, an then you can easily do some kind of fine adjustments by changing the view angle (the extent for the new pod then automatically moves a bit). Takes only a few seconds to place 10 pods. Walking back to the base and pick up new resin was the pain in the ass :D.
  7. Quite likely not, no. The past has shown that we often had to start from scratch between two builds as some features didn't work from the old saves or features were not available when using an old save game. Well, you could play them, but not with the full new version. So I think that the answer is no, sorry bro :).
  8. Well, my good old notebook is "on the edge" now. Not a lot of fun to play with these frame-rates and lags. I either have to start a new game or ... as I do have infinite energy now I could start to produce tons of fuel and try to blow the whole thing at once. By placing two hydrazine canisters on each pod and light that stuff up on one end ... boom (not sure if it would work, would have to test that first) :).
  9. That's the start point of the equatorial base. Lots and lots of dirt flown up here! And, of course, I've three or four times had to hunt my rovers. Luckily I've got them back somehow every time. Never happens on Terran to me, but on Barren this bug is still omnipresent. Got it! Baam ...
  10. AUTOSAVE_3_2018.01.07-03.46.32.sav Widows 8.1 Steam Save, Astroneer Version
  11. well, that took my way longer than expected *g*. I've mad myself a challenge. How long does it take to make an equatorial base on Barren? A base that goes once around the equator. With enough solar panels that should provide me with constant and nearly infinite solar energy. To make it a bit harder I decided to fly up soil from my Terran base to create enough resin on Barren not to destroy the beautiful landscape up there. So I set up a new habitat on Barren near the equator and built myself a vehicle bay such that I can land nearby and then a mineral extractor and started to extract resin from the canisters I flew up (5 medium storages = 40 canisters each flight, yields around 80 resins). And then I started going west extending my base, walking back, picking up resin. After a while I had to add a smelter to produce some dynamite to remove some obstacles and base platforms (when accidentally set up a platform rather than only extending a new pod). After a while I noticed that, by foot, that might take forever, or at least longer than I want to :). So I from now on used a double-rover to get resin and drive back to the end of my equatorial base. Bah! Even then it took quite a while. After finishing I hat to grab enough chopper from Terran to create the solar panels and then spread them out on Barren. The result: I can prove that the moon is round and not flat as I reached the base again *g*. I had to adjust my direction only by a few degrees at the end to reach my base again (well done, Sir!) It needs 316 base pods to get around the equator of Barren once. 316 pods ~ 155 canisters of soil. Spread out 15 big solar panels, every 20th pod has a panel. ... INFINITE ENERGY! The drawbacks Cost me quite a lot of my time *g* Cost me half of my frame rate. To the developers (if you read this) While the drop in the frame-rate is mostly due to the large number of objects. But I've noticed something in addition: the algorithm takes quite a while (quarter a second maybe on my machine) to connect me to the next pod when walking along them (switching the oxygen/power cord from one to another). Seems that the lookup or search algorithm there might show room for improvement! If someone needs a new challenge: beat me by doing the same on a larger planet! I'll add some screenshots and the save file in a second Greez R
  12. Adding a beacon would have helped. The base module (the habitat) shows a home beacon icon if placed. Vehicles would do so as well, but a single research chamber doesn't. In this case beacon placed next to it would make it much easier next time :). Good luck flying around!
  13. Unknown Object

    Sorry, @Esski, too much stupid sarkasm. It is called a 'zebra ball' and is/was used by the defs to test physics and light conditions and stuff. This question has been askes soooo many times in this forum over the last 12 months ... . However, sorry. And ... maybe try to search 9 more and see whether something happens *g*.
  14. Unknown Object

    This thing is known as a zebra-Ball. If you bring 10 of them close together a new star forms which turns into a planet. It is not a research item.
  15. How to descend high heights?

    It should dont be a big problem to create a path downwards, you just have to find a voxel surface with the correct angle, use your flattening tool, and keep expanding the path. The problem with the spiral is that you have to adjust the slope every few steps to get something like a spiral (else the path "hangs to the right or left"). Takes a bit of time, but is possible.