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  1. Some more VLOGs would be so cool, even if not too much new things can be broadcasted. But to see they are alive and maybe to answer some of the forum-community questions? I cannot follow 3 different social media things.
  2. reto

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    I don't think that the buggy should get extensions. I think it is quite well placed as a "move faster than by foot for exploring, but not for transport"-thing. And, as I mentioned, the medium rover is quite useful as soon as one does not forget to carry some source of power. I am just not used to it as it was different in the old days. Nevertheless, have fun playing!
  3. reto

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    I agree with @wondible regarding the harvestables. There seem to bee too many, maybe slow down the regeneration time would fix it. At the moment it is just like jump in and out of the buggy doing a big round-about the base to get a few hundreds or even thousands of bytes. This is cool in the early stage of the game (so maybe the number of harvestables is good) but removes the need of doing research (might be fixed when they regenerate wayy slower). The shredder is cool, but at the moment you have to move it around. It would be nice in the future to have something like a truck or maybe a large magnet to gather shreds and wrecks, bring them back home, and shred them close to the base. However, overall I like the update. Seems that I've lost 1 fps or so, but overall it runs quite smooth except some things I've noticed: new rovers do not charge. After firing it up with something it starts charging. But that is not how it is intended, I think. one of the wheels of my truck got once buried. Not too much of a problem as I had it out of the dirt after 20 secs or so, but seems to be a bug. once or twice I jumped into the buggy but it did not move at all. After exiting/entering again it worked fine. not sure, but the power capacity of the vehicles (especially the medium rover) is relatively limited. After 300 meters the internal battery is empty. On the other hand the range with one organic is quite good. This is somehow annoying, on the other hand it now makes organics very useful (so I think I like it).
  4. East and west is defined by the magnetic field of the planet and has nothing to do with the rotation relative to the sun. Even our Earth sometimes switches the magnetic poles. If this happens (it will happen some when in the future) our east and west would also be re-defined. Other planets have no magnetic field (you cannot use a compass at all) or multiple and even multiple "fast" moving poles where east and west will not work as you might think :). And I cannot understand your question regarding the "spins faster but has a longer day?" question.
  5. reto

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    Agree, but also understandable. I hope that they will release terrain 2.0 before the official release of the game. That would at least be my way to do it to be able to get enough feedback to fix possible problems with this core feature. We'll see, but I think that they also discussed this :).
  6. reto

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    Nice. Only some small spoilers, I think. I've seen something that looks like a big black hole, the bling-bling purple thing, and meteorites. Maybe the bling-bling-thing is a way to travel trough the black hole or something? I'm excited!
  7. Aah, cool our chaps and gals had a platform to present themselves and the game, nice! However, as a player I am always bagging for some more spoilers, news, whatever. Missing the relatively frequent vid's we have had end of last summer .. somehow. However, better spend the time on more important things, I'm looking forward to the next update! Cheers!
  8. reto

    Overall power data & data telemetry

    I like this idea! Would give a bit more information and could help to optimize the electricity grid.
  9. reto

    Awsome New Base!!

    It runs on tears of small children :). For me, the roof is no solar panel but a window, right? The generator of the habitat is therefore not solar powered, but maybe some fusion powered thing.
  10. reto

    Solar panel

    Should work, but be sure that you completely excavated that ding. It has some "arms" at the base, be sure they are not stuck in the soil anymore. As soon as all dirt is removed around the object the panel should start moving by itself (due to gravity). Afterwards the winch+rover should actually work.
  11. Seems that you have changed your config file and set "AllowInitialPlanetSelection" to TRUE somewhen in the past. Change that flag back to False and it should work again. If so, go to C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor into the file GameUserSettings with the editor of your choice and set "AllowInitialPlanetSelection=False"
  12. Short update: I reported a bug where the rover did not charge. That's true, but I was able to jump ('E') into the seat and drive the rover away from the vehicle bay even if fully empty. There, it immediately started charging over the small solar panel. The second rover I've printed (no stop/restart action) automatically started charging after printing. If, then this is only a very small bug, but nothing serious :). Thx and Greez to SES!
  13. I also had the bug that the rover did not charge. Created vehicle bay on a large platform (I love this flexible platforms so much!) Put 4 compound on the platform Started printing the rover Pressed the button again, the system stopped printing (without loosing the compound) Restarted the rover-printing with the same set of compound Got the rover ... but It does not charge, neither when I put the generator directly on the back of the car Anyone else seen this (windoof 8). Maybe it was because I stop/started the process? Have to check that with a new vehicle bay module. What I really love is the time things need! That feels so much more realistic. Rather than having a rover printed, a nugged smelted, and a canister of dirt processed in 2 seconds it now takes a decent amount of time. It just feels better, even if takes longer. Cool.
  14. For all those not having got the update yet .... the game did not get better. It got awesome :D. Very very like the first (hour?) of playing! One feels way more like an explorer now from the beginning on due to the artwork, the flexibility, and the new system. Hammer time! Love it, absolutely worth to wait a week more than "expected". Well, I've only tried out some of the new features, I think (not read the update notes) and I am looking forward to see what else changed. Just ... very cool, proud of you gals and chaps!
  15. Update is coming in RIGHT NOW! Baaam, I am so excited (Windoof, steam)