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  1. Power/Oxygen Specific Slots

    Rover's work quite well therefore. But something like an "oxygen generator" (something cubic which can be carried using a two-slot-attachment) would be nice. But the costs should be below a rover, if not, that does not make a lot of sense.
  2. Power/Oxygen Specific Slots

    I would support Wyvyrias commend and some others. We have 10 (+3) slots which can (again) be used for whatever you need. I disliked the idea of having slots where only certain add-ons were addable. Adding custom battery/O2 slots would kind of be a way back. And adding more slots would make the backpack too powerful and confusing. So, I would not change anything here at the moment to keep it simple and clear. However, there are other discussion about character customization. That might include a special backpack extension with larger O2 or power (or both) capabilities. But that would be something to be achieved. My thoughts, have a nice eve!
  3. Sound Glitch in Astroneer

    Have noticed the same issue (Windows 10, Steam, latest Patch). Once I've also heard the 'oxygen refill' sound for round about a minute after moving away from the truck. As saied, does not really affect the gameplay, but seems to got buggier with the latest update :).
  4. SES vlog 024: New Suit + Q&A

    C'mon chaps and gals, I am waiting for good speculative inputs what that thing on the screen is which Joe's trying to hide ;). Re-design of the research platform maybe?
  5. :( Only 4.. :(

    Hehe. I've noticed it while reading trough the patch note.
  6. Terrain Tool issues on Tundra

    Yep, same problem since beginning of the year (or since ever?). There were some posts about this in the past. I, personally, hope that Terrain 2.0 will change this as, with this jumpy behavior, everything except terran is a bit ... frustrating. Also steam with win8.1 or something.
  7. Suggestions to improve the game

    Hy @Titico7777 Welcome to the forum :). To answer some of your suggestions: the terrain deformation tool allows to change the size by adding the "wide mod" and "narrow mod" to the tool. They can be crafted in your backpack and have to be added to one of the augment slots at your terrain tool. The thether-thing is currently discussed in other topics as well. In the early days one had to place each tether manually, which was quite nice to place them along walls or on ceiling. On the other hand each tether must have been placed manually. In the latest updated they added this "automatic" mod where tethers are placed on ground. On console it must be possible to immediately pick it up again (as it is selected as the last active item) and then placed at walls or so. On PC that's not currently possible. You have to select it, however, after that you can place them where-ever you prefer. I (we?) hope that there will be some changes for PC gamers and tether enthusiasts somewhen soon :). Can't say anything to drone and map idea, has been discussed frequently. One thing to keep in mind: the developers don't want to put maps and stuff on your HUD, so if there will be a map there will be a smart idea which is not "a map in the lower left corner of the screen" :). Have fun playing!
  8. Planetarium Module (see image)

    Pretty cool idea, and this also goes very well with the "teaching" spirit of the game. Would be cool to have it a bit more 3d with extra visuals for orbits and maybe indication for speed and rotation angle to show the physics. Pretty cool input @JohnSmith666! +2 from my side
  9. New Vehicles

    Woo, badass! The printer will have a hard time *g*. Well, I am expecting something cooler than the current printer to plot these large things (pressing thumbs). I have expected to see some module-attempt approaches as well, but I've learned that my imagination is always more restricted than the things being implemented, so I'm just waiting here for some very cool new and unexpected stuff :). And @Lithium: that bonus-vehicle looks very archaic, maybe we might have to ask the devs to add a new Astroneer skin with a helmet which fit's this little ride :D.
  10. PC, two modes of tethering please.

    Great suggestion, missing that feature as well (I was used to place tethers along the roof or along the side walls) as the current version is a bit restrictive :). +1!
  11. Haha, well done mate! I never HAD the the EASE OF MIND to go trough EVERYTHING written in here *g*.
  12. SES Vlog 022: Rover Rodeo

    Just one thought I have had while watching the current VLOG. From my point of view having green for malachite and copper for copper is better than making malachite orange. But, as an idea: what about having an orange metal like shine on malachite to kind of make the connection visible? Just as a visual effect, kind of copper-shiny-edges on the mineral. All over (at the moment) I personally think that the colors are too vivid from what we've seen, and resin is hard to see on this brown terrain. So, still some optimization needed, but overall I like the idea.
  13. weather transmitter

    Well, I've studied that stuff, so sorry to correct you *g*. But the idea of having an early warning system at your base whether it is getting hit or it would only be a short pass might be a quite nice idea, even if ... not necessary from my point of view, as it isn't really tricky to avoid/escape it (in the form it is currently implemented).
  14. weather transmitter

    The "ball" you both drew is called a radon and contains the parabolic antenna or radar antenna (the radon protects the antenna from rain and bird poo). Combining them is kind of .. technically not correct *g*. But nice suggestions
  15. Buildings, Structures and Plants

    We'll see whether this is already on the radar of the devs! But, in addition, I have to "plant" this small idea here: seeds are relatively useless at the moment. What if grown up spikers would drop some energy from time to time? That would be relatively simple to implement, I think, and would allow us astroneers to start farming some seeds to get free energy :).