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  1. The "open seat" can be printed on the medium printer (or large printer) and is this kind of "buggy-seat" used for vehicles. The "closed" seat can only be printed on shuttles. However, you can also use an "open seat" on a shuttle and fly trough space, technically they are both the same. But the "closed seat" is a bit more realistic if you use it on your journey to another planet :). Btw: have to be researched, of course.
  2. Some good suggestions have been made in another thread here: What I am using to (at least try) not to loose orientation Tethers, tethers, tethers Always place tethers on the right (or left) hand side to know in which direction you have to walk. Create arrows, fingers, or hands pointing towards your base. Use the terrain analyzer feature to draw color lines on the floor of your main path. Try not go get lost *g*
  3. Smooth update! I am missing the "line" from the beacon icon to the surface. Sometimes the icons are in the clouds, and without these vertical lines they are totally invisible . Anyone else noticed this problem as well? [windows 10; steam]
  4. Burning thousand year old sand? *g* I am with my dudes that sediment should not be a source of energy. That just does not make a lot of sense (except for coal or biomass, and both is already there). The idea that the "filter takes what it gets" as suggested by @KeeblerOrc is one idea, however, I think it removes one of these puzzle-like-things that you have to think a bit more about what you need. In this case you would never waste sediment, as it would always fill up a partial nugget until it's full. If you have to decide what you would like to get out you have to make (even if it is just a small) decision. Wasting 4 resin out of a tank but get one lithium? Or should I take the lithium? If I burn the lithium (sediment): do I know where I got the sediment from? Can i easily get there and pick up some more? Or did I already remove the whole material? I personally think that's a bit more Astroneer-Like and would/does add some more value to the survival character of the game.
  5. Hey @grahoo The idea of a map has already been suggested very often. SES want's to keep the interface as simple as possible I think. A map would add extra elements to the HUD. I am sure that SES is very aware of it and they might think of a cool solution somewhen in the future. One of the next patches will include "programmable beacons" (you can change the color of the beacon) which should help you to mark paths and to find back home safely :). Regarding the research items: I think you have two storage's on your rover? A research item needs two slots (like the storage itself). You can't therefore add research items to the storage, you have to add it to the rover directly. If you have a large rover you can add the "large storage" which can either take up 4 research items, or 4 storage units (or a mixture). So that's not a bug :). Have fun playing!
  6. After playing few more hours on the current devel I have to agree as well with the comments above. Unlimited power is a bit too much.However, if you wanna build some cool stuff you really have to harvest lots and lots of sediment (as flattening/extending terrain costs quite a lot of it) wherefore the unlimited power is somehow necessary. I would suggest something similar: Harvesting sediment should use little bit of power, maybe half of what is used in the current version Flattening/adding terrain requires the same amount of energy, and .. (important) ... adding terrain and harvesting terrain should be more in balance (in terms of sediment gain/usage as mentioned few times). Balance might include: requires less volume to fill the tank once (as it now needs power again) and you don't have to create these massive massive holes as at the moment, even if I like it :). Maybe increase the harvest/fill rate by a factor of 1.5 or so). I've also noticed that "flattening terrain, even if flattening only removes terrain" costs a lot of sediment. If possible that should fill up your sediment tank as well rather than using the resource from the tanks attached to you. I was also thinking a bit about the mechanics. The devs talked about it in the last VLOG that they are currently thinking of how to harvest different types of sediment (maybe filling up the tank in a "sandwich" kind of style). One idea could be the following: Harvesting different types of sediment fills you tank with different colors (sandwich style). When putting it into the sediment filter, the filter fills with the same proportion of sediments. The filter (keeping the system of placing a "copy and paste" resource; or use an interface similar to the trading platform) then shows you how many nuggets of a certain resource can be filtered out of a certain sediment mixture. E.g., ... ... you pick up a lot of "non value" sediments: gives you 4 compounds, or ... ... you bring back some more of "type B" the filter tells you that you could either produce 1 compound only, or (you decide which type should be filtered) 2 nuggets of malachite as the terrain "type B" contains quite a lot of this special type. The filter is only allowed to filter the type you specify. So if you bring a fancy mixture you might be able to do 2 compounds, or 3 resin, or 2 malachite. But you have to decide which one you need and which one you'll "dump" (unused and kind of getting lost). Adds another element of planning. But I think this is the perfect way to go!
  7. Pretty nice work! Cool. After looking at it again after one day I just figured out that I first misinterpreted the mouth of the mother-animal *g*. If you look at it as intended the mother is not dangerous but kind of tries to protect it's baby by maybe growling while looking at the astroneer. My first interpretation was that the dots are ears and the mouth are the eyes which makes the mother-animal looking quite bad-ass :D.
  8. I really like the new T.A.R concept! It really changes the way how the game can be played! It is cool that digging does not require power which allows to easier explore the surrounding (e.g., digging paths up to mountains). Using sediment to build bridges (adding terrain) requires some more planning and a bit more engineering. I've dug a large cavern to get enough sediment to produce the resources needed. And it feels good, like real mining :). I can see a large potential in this idea. Imagine that you find some of this darker terrain deeper in the ground with these shiny particles in it which--potentially--will contain larger proportions of a certain resource: then you would start following these layers to filter out the resource you need. I really like this new way!
  9. Good comment @KeeblerOrc! And you are supporting an outstanding cool game with fantastic graphics, no violence, and a very nice team behind all these lines of code. Which might be buggy here and there. Some of the bugs are PRE-ALPHA GAME breaking others added some additional hours of unintended fun to the game. And you can be part of the game in some kind of limited sense as the developer team really picks up community inputs. Where can you do that for 20 bucks? Well, maybe you can tell your local pizza dude that extra salami placed like a smilie would be awesome. But that's like 10 minutes of fun (and, indeed, delicious). But that's it . So yes, please go for it, have fun, and see things growing up!
  10. Oh, @UtopicVision, that sounds dangerous! Think about falling head over, falling into the rope, the rope cut's trough your suite and your leg veins, you are hanging there bottom up, your blood flows into your suite, fills up your helmet, and you are drowning in your own blood? (*sorry, that's a very bloody inside joke with some friends of mine *g*)
  11. This is an older issue happening to me and others as well. I hope/think that SES is aware of it and might fix it in terrain 2.0. I guess we have to wait for that as I think they are not working on the current terrain system anymore.
  12. Cool! Some people which have had complained that patch 196 has had no new features might now complain that they should fix the bugs first. If you think to do so: don't! And for the team! Great vlog and I can't wait for winter (I hate winter, btw, living in the "capitol of the alps" here, but I am expecting a lot of gaming evenings with some great new features and an anwesome game! And yes, don't smoke *hawk* :). Go ERA!
  13. Nice Vlog, like it. And like Veronica's hair color, very "Exotic" ;). I fully understand the team not to push updates on a 2-week basis. Last one came out a month ago, Veronica talked about a 4+1 week thing, so I am looking forward to get an exciting update in 1-3 weeks from now on! Great! :D. Keep on going chaps and gals!
  14. Experienced the same (on Barren). Was just about to start a new base in one of the huge craters. Wanted to 'throw' the habitat into the crater, then walk down and employ it, but it just floated where I have released it :).
  15. Sounds great. To connect to the original thread topic: flyable aircraft---an ultralight glider came in my mind. My idea would go in a direction like: very light-weight small plane does not need extra storage-slots (to carry things) as it would more be an explore and have fun thing (flying trough mountain gaps, explore the surrounding as there is no storage unit it allows you to bring back a backpack full of resources if you would use it this way can be 'expensive' in terms of resources would fly using hydrazine. Would be cool if an extra thruster could be attached to increase speed and power needs few meters (e.g. around 6 tether length) without obstacles to start (you have to prepare a bit of land to take off) is able to fly up to a certain distance to the planet's center (should be relatively "easy" to implement I think). Similar to GTA where the plane just looses power at a certain height which is the limiting factor of flying to the space there loops and barrel rolls should be possible (for the fun factor) ... drawback: requires in-flight-physics implemented in the game (maybe not the most important thing at the moment) Few more thoughts: what happens if you crash? Well, if it would be the same as for the cars it would just flip over and fall down somewhere with you in the pilot's seat (not dying). But: as it is running on Hydrazine I can also imagine that it might explode? Not sure whether this goes well with the dev's plan of a 'non harmful game' but would require a bit more flying skills :).