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  1. Nasedo

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    I haven't played this game for a couple months - today, I just want to check what has been changed... and as usually, devs are focused of "Hydrazine Conspiracy". Besides some of members are acting like at least members of some kind of cult. I'm not surprised this game is in the same crippled stage as it was couple months ago - having a "members of the cult" is probably most valuable, more than "price of Hydrazine". This game meant to be fun and freedom - what we got? Don't answer the question.
  2. @Mr. Badger I'm using my opportunity to express my opinion. If everyone will be happy, especially in early alpha stage of this game, developers may not find a reason to improve their game. I'm basing on the facts, not using any false accusations. If you will trace all of my posts, I never said this game is crashing, because never happened to me. Obviously, I did noticed it crashes for other people and I understand their unhappiness or even frustration. When game will be improved, I will express my happiness and I will not refrain myself from saying "Good work System Era" - but for now, as playing or event testing is really impossible - why should I suffer and push myself to play?
  3. I just said the the truth. There's no point to lie, trying to pretend I spent 100 hours or just one hour. I have my opinion right now but I'm not expecting everyone will agree with me. I played NMS and I believed Astronner will be not an answer for anything missing in NMS, but will be complementary. I know, NMS was disappointment for many - but not for me. It's the same about Astroneer - it's disappointment for me, but not for many of you. I'm comparing unfinished game to another unfinished game. Astroneer hasn't be made just one or two weeks ago, just check when SE started working on it. I will say once more. I'm comparing Astroneer to another games being in early access. OK - we can remove from my list Planet Explorers as it's not in EA any more, we can remove Planetbase as well. GRAV and Empyrion are still in EA - and I can focus only on those two if it will help.
  4. Dear Developers, Moderators, Members of this community, I spent 35 hours playing Astroneer and time has come and I have to say: "It's enough". Before I bought this game, I checked minimal and recommended system requirements, seen trailer and never suspected performance of this game could be so poor, FPS will be dramatically decreased resulting un-play-ability. I had time to compare Astroneer with other games, as follows: 1. Planetbase - different type of game obviously, but the buildings and connections having similar type of connections, but are more advanced. No problems with this game at all. 2. Planet Explorerers - just one planet, but clearly more advanced visually and there's advanced building and mechanics. No problems with this game as well as with previous one. 3. GRAV: Reborn - more planets, moons - more advanced graphics, existence of monsters, complexity, opportunity of building more advanced structures - just working properly, and this game hasn't been finished yet. 4. Empyrion - Galactic Survivor - a little bit more planets to explore - but this game is more advanced than Astroneer, uses Unity Engine (as far as I know) which could result with poor frame rate, but this never been an issue and I played this game many hours and game is still not finished. At present frame rate is unacceptable and it's pointless to stay in this game longer, as there's no fun, no pleasure any more. I'm not feeling deceived, because SE clearly says: " “It is hard to estimate exactly how long Astroneer will be in Early Access, though we are aiming for a year or two.” Maybe best decision is come back to this game at the end of 2018, when it will be finished... if it ever happens. I'm really surprised it's still a little bit more than 5K active players. But I'm voting "NO" and decided to stop playing this game till it will be significantly improved. Maybe idea was good, but not for the game, but just for technological demo.
  5. As you can see, my base got not a one circle around my "home" but three (first picture) - and I tried during the landing choose different circle but not the central one. I was able to land outside of vehicle bay (second picture).
  6. Nasedo

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I'm not sure if it was related with recent update, but Tundra in my game was broken like for many of other players, today I started game with recent patch and Tundra is whole again.
  7. Nasedo

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    Let's face the truth. Despite of new, fresh idea and fun - game became unplayable. I don't know if this game has been released to early, or just developers celebrating Christmas being happy about popularity of this game. I said already, promise has been made "this game will be different from NMS" - I can't agree more. NMS when been released has some problems, but it was playable since very beginning. Astroneer, despite two patches released so far, became unplayable. Well done System Era, you accomplished something what never been possible in NMS. You're pioneers!
  8. Nasedo


    It's quite positive when game community trying to improve this game, giving own ideas. I noticed the same, some people want to change this game in something else, what is "wrong turn" - if we want to play in something different, we will chose another game. I personally never liked Space Engineers (spent some hours and gave up) - but I really liked other games and not really expecting repetition in all details in this game. For example - drones, available in Empyrion - and I'm not really excited about this. Of course, could be helpful sometimes, but if drones will never exists, I will not cry. Most important is stability and performance of this game, many bugs and glitches has to be fixed before any ideas will be implemented. This game, with limited idea is not playable due to low FPS. I compared other space games - and none of them has poor performance. Some people moan about Empyrion, trying to explain poor performance: "Because is Unity engine" - but Emperion, which is still in the development works far better than Astroneer.
  9. This bug has been addressed already, I'm not sure if developers read this already or not. I suggested already, it should be separate structure for landing - just for flying vehicles, as Shuttles and Spaceships. We can produce rover, truck and drive away, there's no restriction to have a vehicle in vehicle bay, and we can produce as many as we want. To prevent this - in my opinion - as the part of researching process should be a landing bay researched before shuttle and starship will be researched. For building any flying vehicle should be condition - before it will be build, landing bay has to be build first: Research: Vehicle bay Landing bay Shuttle Spaceship Build (every time): Landing bay Shuttle / Spaceship If no Landing Bay exists - appropriate message will be displayed, like: "Build your landing bay first) and Vehicle bay will not allow to create any flying machine. Just simple condition.
  10. Nasedo

    Please Help With Optimization!

    I'm really sorry if you felt offended. Maybe I should say: "there's no solution for this". Besides, what I wrote it's true. No matter if you got the best computer - you'll experience drastic FPS drops. Playing - if you / anyone experiencing this is pointless, better play something else and wait for patch (if any will be released).
  11. Nasedo

    Please Help With Optimization!

    There's no solution for this. It's exactly like you wrote: " the optimization suck's " - two patches have been released so far, and none fixed this problem. It looks like this community prefers as well as developers fixing fuel / trade problem instead of optimization. Do you want to hear recommendation? Play 10 fps and be happy because some of players having less fps. Leave this game and play something playable.
  12. Nasedo

    Suggestion for the forum...

    It was a reputation system - but it has been disabled for some reason.
  13. Nasedo

    Astroneer or "Game of fuels" Season 1?

    @Rkaneus I do believe all updates should be prioritised and most important things should be done as extremely important: FPS drops Stability Vehicles steering Landing outside of vehicle bay True, I proved the whole idea of trading exploitation war is pointless. Before it happens so popular topic, I never thought about exploitation, but now - when I had a feeling developers trying to take back our freedom, I'm using exploitation system for some reasons: I would like to show for some players there's no matter of life or death and it must be fun and there's no reason to think about this like it could be something most important in life. I want to prove as a player, I want to play my way, whatever all moaning players will say - what I'm doing in my game, on my solar system, my planet using my computer and software purchased (not stolen) it's my business. I'm not inviting any of them to my game - so KEEP OUT from my game and my way of playing this game. I demonstrated the exploitation exists and will exist, whatever developers will change. If SE planning to chase own tail and "ruin fuel market" - good luck. If Hydrazine become "not-for-sale-product" someone sooner or later will prepare and release trainer. When I said it's a little to do... I mean there's no research to be made. If I researched everything - there's no point to chase for research, because none will be found. We may explore - what I believe we still do, we may gather resources - but if we will do this, we will just duplicate whatever has been build so far. There's no module construction like NMS, GRAV: Reborn where creativity may be a point. We don't have many elements for creation, except of few - rest of them, just ready structures. We may try to get to wreckages, satellite dishes mainly to whatever could be found - but there's not so many things to do - what doesn't mean we cannot have a fun - but fun is because we have a freedom of choice, we can do ridiculous things... what is really nice. Please don't get this wrong. I like the style of the graphics - I really like, when my space games are different. It's different "space" in Astroneer, NMS, Grav: Reborn, Subnautica, Starbound, Elite Dangerous, Mass Effect and many more. What I'm saying, there's no reason for this game - introduced for PC and XBOX ONE to have so drastic FPS drops. I never accept it and never will. And this "story" is really repetitive - the same issues we've seen in No Man's Sky - no matter how powerful was your computer - game never worked as supposed to work. @macalango I really liked your ideas. This proves what I mentioned earlier. The exploit wasn't a problem - taking away our freedom is a problem, and what some of us our doing we can call "mutiny". I played 33 hours already and expecting spend more - my fuel company is safe... for now, till new patch will be released. I still have a lot to explore on my mother planet - it will be fun, no doubts. @Martin I had no idea if the landing locations on the moon have been moved or not. Do you think it could be related to "energy crisis"?
  14. Nasedo

    Proper way to power your station

    Awesome! I got to find some of those and support my fuel business.
  15. Nasedo

    Astroneer or "Game of fuels" Season 1?

    As new patch has been released, and we know fuel market is not stable any more in Astroneer solar system, I will do whatever I can to support my small business. I proudly introducing exploit version 2.0 (attached picture). Two trade platforms and four fuel condensers. All supported by at least 25 big batteries and some big solar panels. You may want to ask why I'm doing this, answer is simple - to get Hydrazine. Why? Because I want to trade for Lithium. Why? Because I want to build more batteries. Why? Because I want to be fully sufficient, independent and produce Hydrazine during the night. In this configuration, I'm pretty busy. Produce Hydrazine, loading transport, sending... produce more, loading second transport and sometimes I'm not able to finish it, and my fresh delivery of Lithium already arrived. Seriously... why I'm doing this? Because it's fun. Because it was my idea to do this and this is a sandbox game and I don't really want to feel any restrictions. My game, my world, my ideas. One day, when another patch will be released... you never know, maybe you want to join my world, where is no prohibition for energy.