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  1. Whilst doing the tutorial i happen to come across a bug which gave me difficulty when opening up the thrusters when i highlight it. And same goes with the small printer, i count open us the user interface to craft the thrusters at first. i tried putting the items on first and when i had the item in my backpack, both failed to give me any indication to open. And the full backpack thing is annoying when you are trying to pick up items on the floor
  2. When the research pod is finish researching, i can grab it out, and cause a bug where my astro is still have the action that he is holding the item, where it last was, making my player walk very slow as you can see from the image, i'm basically holding air, waiting for god to give me food
  3. When place i place down a habitat, it rolled down the hill, and i decided to open it, thinking it would still be horizontal, in the end it became diagonal