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  1. Jakub Lucejko


    If u're using STEAM try the BETA Experimental version. Proprieties -> Beta
  2. Jakub Lucejko

    Strange Framerate issue.

    Try using the BETA Experimental.
  3. Jakub Lucejko

    Strange Orange Tech Found in Deep Cave

    Damn daniel , try to put it in the research
  4. Jakub Lucejko


    Try this if u're using STEAM Library->My Games->ASTRONEER->Right Click on it ->Properties->BETA->and select beta - Experimantal Build. Because the " theater " slow down the performance in the actual Stable version.
  5. Jakub Lucejko

    Do items despawn?

    I've found items under the terrain where there's a cave :-D but it is annoying.
  6. To fix it u have to reput items on yout back
  7. Jakub Lucejko

    Beta tether issue

  8. Jakub Lucejko

    Compilation of bugs that I found

    Bug one isn't a bug i think because some planets have coal and the terrest one haven't i think i have 20 hrs on my back and i haven't seen it never before in the starter planet
  9. Jakub Lucejko

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    It's very strange.... Very.. I've GTX 970 , i5 4440 , W10 and i haven't thoose problems.. Maybe is your i3 All my friend have i5/i7 and doesn't have thoose problems
  10. Hello! I 've to report a strange bug. After a gameplay soon or later u have to turn off the pc and u have to save , but the next day/hour u get in the game u load your save and all the stuff which u have inside the backpack float in the air.. For fix this u have to reput the items but its annoying..
  11. "GroundWork , after restarting the game wont link with astronaut suit for oxigen " Only the main airship want connect.
  12. Jakub Lucejko

    How do i put more "groundworks" ?

    Yeah thanks, i have to recreate a new character , and now i have very big base thanks alot
  13. Hi, i suggest you have to add 1st person while driving 'cause when i go to the caves i can't see anything
  14. Jakub Lucejko


    I'm playing with GTX 970 , i5 4440 1080p vsync and i play normally at 60fps sometimes i've drop but i don't care 90% 60fps and the 10% like 40/50
  15. Jakub Lucejko

    Stuck in items being constructed

    Same problem but with copper , i can't take it out.. I tried restart game, 10clicks but nothing