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  1. Not a fan of the Point Based idea but do agree the research progression needs changing, my suggestion would be "Pre-requisites" for certain research items. For example the starting research RNG chart would only contain "Printer, Vehicle Bay, and a few of the personal printer items (battery, oxygen tank, and wind turbine for example) Once you unlock the printer most of the printable research items get added to the potential pool, unlocking the vehicle bay adds the potential for rovers and shuttles, 1 seatter etc being researched. The rest gets unlock when you get off world research (landi
  2. I started a game today where shortly after landing i notice a cuboid of ground, with one corner touching my landing craft, that was not terraformable. I defined the shape then headed down the side of it to see how far it extended. Eventually I dropped into a cave system and when i set about clearing the underside of this shape it was terraformable again. I've attached a video of the whole process but its 6 minutes long. Computer Information: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Model: System Product Name Form Factor: Desktop No Touch Input Detected
  3. Hello, found a audio bug where a sound file seems to be trying to start over and over again with escalating pitch It occurs when extending a node on a chain nearing the 50's I've included my system specs below and included a video of the of the sound occurring, placing the additional node seemed to stop it, alt tabbing out of the game for several seconds seems to stop it but if i continue to play the sound gets louder and louder Computer Information: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Model: System Product Name Form Factor: Desktop No Touch Input Detecte
  4. To increase capacity use a tank for extra oxygen, to increase efficiency use filters, using both should solve most of your problems, personally i use a tank and a battery on the side slots and rarely have issues getting about, wouldn't mind seeing additionally side slots being unlockable, maybe through further satellite mini games like the one that gives you lithium
  5. Build a tower into the sky, create a platform, have you friend descend on said tower by destroying it, could still create a ramp mind... never mind ive no idea either
  6. This seems the best compromise to me, I've been lost a number of times and had an urge to open the map tool (then remember there ain't one) butat the same time would be saddened to see one implemented even optionally as I know I'd not be able to resist to use it Maybe a comms link that takes up a slot on your back back pack like the quote said that maps your local area of allows you to see a top down view of the area to give you an rough idea where to go
  7. A little top down view of the dome would be sweet buy obviously more end have improvement
  8. Not sure if this is a glitch or as designed, I've noticed on my barren planet base that the original landing site and my new vehicle bay seem to have separate "landing domes" when in orbit so i can choose to land not on my vehicles which is fantastic
  9. i get them (i think the individual truck ones are just trucks sent into orbit by glitches) but the pic provided is actually my home base cluster by the looks of it
  10. I play on gaming PC through steam using keyboard and mouse I've noticed on most of my saves i end up with a cluster of markers hovering in space that i can see as i move between planets, at first i figured it was the station but recently noticed it seems to match up to the markers present on and around my base on planet terran, not sure when they appeared but are there when i first take off from the planet.
  11. Playing on a gaming PC, using keyboard and mouse i've noticed if you are using the smooth function (ctrl) and move the cursor over the astroneer it raises the target terrain above the rest around it. So if i was flattening an area in front of me it would leave a small mound where the cursor was targeting the ground through the astroneer, i'm guessing it is warped by a transform on the player model or starts using a poly in the model as its base line. I've not teamed up with anyone so not sure if it happens when terraforming through another player
  12. Yeah, bulldozer blade would be sweet, clear some of the ground clutter or even act as a flatten tool
  13. Thanks for the help, found my base and got lost twice since despite liberal use of beacons and tall spires
  14. I said 'diesel' as in acts like a diesel Besides all vehicles seem to be able to produce unlimited oxygen supplies
  15. Similar to the vehicle post why not add your own ideas in reply? -= Platforms =- Storage Platform - something between the vehicle storage module and the trade platform, allow a large number of the portable storage modules to connect (say 6) and when linked to a vehicle it will unload said vehicles stored nuggets automatically