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  1. We need a better falling animation
  2. There needs to be an option for the tool that flattens the ground perpendicular to the center of the planet/moon.
  3. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of a building game I'd rather have to construct the thing piece by piece myself.
  4. That's not a train, that's a truck. As I mentioned in my earlier post regarding a rail system, something like Elon Musk's Hyperloop or a monorail would be excellent for fast travel (not instantaneous) between bases and other places of interest. But, just like in real life, trains aren't very good when you need to travel where trains don't go. The same would apply to Astroneer. You're not going to build a rail system for every adventure you go on when leaving your home base. It would be great for really fast travel between bases and transporting goods between bases. It is faster than the truck
  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the point of building the shelter with the 3d printer?
  6. The ability to hide all labels (turn off UI) would be great. It gets very cluttered and kills my immersion.
  7. Same here. I can make it go away, occasionally, by restarting.
  8. A variety of robots would be awesome, but this one in particular is definitely a great idea.
  9. As Secret Squirrel already mentioned, natural disasters such as meteors would be great. But I think meteors would be very cool. Randomized around the planet, of course - we wouldn't want them just hitting our bases. But you could see them come down in the distance, they would deform the world and make enormous craters. And they could carry rare minerals, plant life, or creatures. Seeing one hit at a distance and traveling out to see what happened (damage) and what came with it would be a lot of fun! Of course this would open up the need for space based weapons systems to defend against incomin
  10. Something like a monorail or Musk's Hyperloop would be excellent for fast travel. Not the instantaneous fast travel we're used to, but a rail system that is really fast. It makes for a great in-game project (rails all over the planet) and would allow for super fast travel without the (what I consider) kookiness of instant fast travel.
  11. Yep. same here. Couldn't find any way out of it. I guess making sure you're at a considerable distance when you hit the build button is key