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  1. So I discovered that I can mount 8 solar panels on a storage platform on truck and it recharges power. Unfortunately when I created more solar panels my fps just went through the floor and it is so laggy it is unplayable, a 6 hour game again.
  2. Just built my 4th truck, basically because I don't need the crane on one of my trucks and there is no way to get rid of it, as soon as I built it though, the game literally tanks and moving anywhere on the map is impossible, it lags to such an extent that the game becomes unplayable. Have to restart a new game it is so bad.
  3. Just to report a bug since latest patch, when using smelter, if I try smelt more than 1 ore, eg say 2x copper, then I ended up getting 1xcopper and 1xbugged copper, fine if I smelt copper (malachite) one at a time.
  4. Still same issue, but figured you knew about since everyone has reported it.