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    Solar Panel

    I've noticed this to, but it doesn't seem to be consistent. Is cloud cover actually a thing now? or are the panels just buggy? I've seen this with both a small panel on my rover and large/small panels on my base.
  2. After the new 153 patch, I just researched an item called "Oxygen" but can't figure out how to build it. This has happened on two saves now. Does anyone know what this is?
  3. ximok

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    My thoughts on the new game-play: Now that the 3D printer must be discovered, it makes no sense to discover things that require the 3D printer. Without the printer being discovered first, research provides no meaningful amount of progression to the player. Not being able to print a winch, battery, solar panel, or other useful tools until you discover the printer just leaves an inexperienced player feeling like research is a broken mechanic. I think this could be re-tuned to make research meaningful again, but it would require that the 3d printer (and possibly the vehicle bay) not be such random discoveries, but maybe tiered discoveries. Hydrazine and the Trade platform: Perhaps a happy medium would be that Hydrazine can only be traded for Compound and Resin? After a while of play, looking for these two elements becomes very tedious and a grind if you already had to fight the new research system. Or at least this could be a user configured difficulty level Dynamite changes: Seem to be good, no complaints here Augments: I never did get to unlock them, I spent most of my time trying to unlock the 3D printer Terrain Tool Adjustments: Very nice, very nice indeed
  4. ximok

    Tank named as tethers of visa Versa?

    Link to similar post same version
  5. ximok

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    Had almost all things researched before researching printer and vehicle bay. Made for a difficult game - 5 hours in. Being unable to trade Hydrazine for even resin and compound made for a much harder game. I'm currently 45 minutes in on a drive trying to find enough compound to finish building my first spaceship to go to my first new planet.
  6. ximok

    Floating objects

    Screenshot added. I get to enjoy the eclipse every morning created by this spaceship disc...
  7. ximok

    Floating objects

    I am seeing similar behavior with spaceship parts that get left in holes dug by the player
  8. Picked up a tank off a dead Astroneer. Couldn't get it to fill with oxygen... because apparently it's not a tank? Steam - PC - 0.3.10153.0 This is a new save
  9. ximok

    Feedback: Playing with a controller

    Terrain deform tool is difficult to use in comparison to a mouse (Even with Steam Controller). Perhaps a better way to control the movement of the tool or angle of the tool... or highlight the primary face of the poly so you can anticipate how it will deform better? [Controller Players Want Flat Walls!] Camera feels wonky but I can't put my finger on it at the moment. As far as other ideas already mentioned: 1 Second Auto Run - Up Vote (Even better if it was a feature that could be enabled/disabled) Custom Key Binding Options - Up Vote
  10. ximok

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    When exiting both the truck and rover, I am finding that instead of placing the player in the blue outline (like it does the pod), it places the player half way into the bumper, causing a collision and then the rover/truck will then jump. This seems to be the biggest problem for me in both Vehicles PC/Steam/Steam Controller Amd 8350 Black Edition, Radion 7870
  11. I am also experiencing this with my truck.