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  1. MechaRad

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Earlier today, went of a drive with a couple of rovers attached, after a certain period of time, both the rovers along with the avatar glitched and started to float into space. Within seconds, the avatar was pushed aside, with the rovers hanging off in thin air, and the avatar half way into the ground, movements seized. Had to restart to fix. Most glitches are experienced when one join a friend's game. Was the same as @jzakilla has posted. Also, same happened to a truck in a came, a couple of hours later, along with resources.
  2. MechaRad

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    This game is one of the most beautiful, elegant piece of art I've ever seen. Even after being at it's earliest stages of development, it shows so much promise to the space exploration concept that most possibly every gamer seeks. I've started playing recently and it is magnificent to the core. There are glitches and massive bugs, especially to the multiplayer, but nevertheless, this can actually be something. I've tried exploring caves along with a friend with a couple of rovers and a trucks, all of which disappeared leaving us back, floating in thin air. But no matter the glitches, this just keeps pulling me in. I shall keep on providing any ideas or bugs or any suggestions I come across, and am glad to be a part of the journey. Regards, MechaRad.