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  1. I don't think there is very much to be said about it, we need to be able to give our saves a name. It's really hard to keep track of which one is which if you have more than 1 save because they look completely identical and i sometimes cant remember which one i played last. Specially if you keep changing back and forth like me. (youtuber and got 1 save for playing myself and 1 for recording) I think many ppl can refer to this that its very important to add this. Anyways great game guys !
  2. yeah but i mainly use it for cool places. I know that my habitat looks different, but when i place beacons for like a awesome cave or a place with many researches, i just differenciate between them.
  3. Hey, so im playing the game since yesterday, and the only bug that really annoys me is that the energy is sometimes just not transferring from machine to machine, or from energy stack to my backpack or whatever... there always seems to be some issue until i move the solar panel / generator to somewhere else. But this doesnt even work for energy stacks, they seem to often not work at all. Anyways Awesome Game !!!!
  4. Hey, i think you should be able to give Beacons a Name or at least some Kind of Color, so you know what that beacon was if you see it from the distance.. I have like 4 beacons currently around, and im already getting lost on which one was for what. So something to help remember the purpose of the beacon would be great! ps: awesome game
  5. i think the home point should be seen from everywhere, currently it isnt. Specially on very mountanious planets, they home point can get lost after just a few meters (seen in a video, dont know if it changed yet)
  6. i was hoping this was actually already in the game, just bought it yesterday.. hope they will add that yeah they should make it so you loose like 4 spaces of your inventory