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    Frame rate issues on xone!

    I started a new world after patch and not having the massive slowdown anymore in the rover on xbox Still get some ftp issues but not the 1 fps then crash i was getting before
  2. Feedback after todays xbox patch started a new save and built a rover no slowdown after driving off, thanks!
  3. lockload

    Truck disappears

    This happened to me after loading a save, xbox aswell Didnt leave the planet
  4. lockload

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I managed to floor it straight after loading a save away fmo the base, once i got it more than 10 meters away it was ok to use Then on i didnt take the buggy close to the base parked it 50m away
  5. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lockload/video/24739621 Go to around 2min 20 seconds when the buggy away from the base is fine but when leaving or arriving near base i have issue Solution so far has been to leave the buggy 50 metres plus away from the base In case it helps!
  6. lockload

    Where is my base? Lost when driving far away.

    Create a becon, place it on the way?
  7. lockload

    Xbox players?

    Ill join the group aswell, uk timezone though! GT : lockload