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  1. Yeah, just said that because each faction will have certain things to research and I didn't want anyone missing out on something
  2. Strait to the point, certain factions give you certain bonuses. Some examples: Engineers: All vehicles cost one less resource to build, along with all their attachments Explorers: Tether packs hold one more tether, larger backpack space and more oxygen capacity Builder: all base expansions only cost one resin and terrain tool is more powerful in all ways Researcher: Research pods with resources will only have rare items, and research stations cost half the energy to operate factions also have unique items that can be researched only when in that faction. you can
  3. you get a 30 second warning before all hell rains down. they do not always have to fall right on top of you, they should be randomized, so if one appears on top of base, its just unlucky. meteors should be like rocks in the storm, but just a bit bigger. if you get hit by one, welllllll, poor you
  4. actually, in the 153 update that came out recently, what you are suggesting has been added: watch this video P.s your writing is fine
  5. this has been suggested wait. no it hasn't. bikes/motorbikes have been suggested, but i guess quad bikes is a new idea..? +1
  6. don't worry man. we were all in your position once but yeah, if we can lift it with our mind, or the force, or however we do it, we should be able to spin it \('_')/
  7. this is more of an argument than a topic because of one thing someone said (captain obvious saves the day again)
  8. a star wars fan? here?! do you play battlefront?
  9. ok, i see your point of view. And hey, then we could play chicken in the storms!
  10. big ass thread made about this, does this sound like what you were thinking of?
  11. well, the purpose of storms is kinda to kill you, or at least annoy you, sooo......