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  1. I Filled a large storage silo B with some small silos, medium generators, wind turbines, and some medium batteries, and put the whole silo B on a large shuttle. When i got back home and took the silo off, i found the batteries looking like this. As I rotate them, the power bars rotate with a hoola hoop motion. The only way I could fix it was to package the battery and reopen it. Hope this helps!
  2. Hey everyone! Love the new updates to gameplay, and i love the tutorial! I found a small bug that i've seen in the past that reappeared. I like to flatten out the area around my base and, as you can see in the picture, there is a small gap around the immobile rock of home base and it won't let me fill it there. has anyone else seen this problem elsewhere in the game?
  3. Most of the time when playing with friends, some rovers will bug out, causing them to spin extremely fast, blast into the air without coming back down, or fall through the earth, often times never to be found again. Has anyone else experienced this?It's pretty funny sometimes, but can rarely fix itself. This also seems to happen when 2 or more people are riding in a rover. the 2nd player experiences no slowing in speed even though there is weight on the truck, but it almost seems like the rover realizes you're going too fast and glitches out. I'll post clips if i can in the near future.