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  1. Buzzlightyear87

    What happens when you fall through the ground?

    If it fell below Surface you can go on a rescue mission to find it, but mine have fallen through then went into space so i just built a new one
  2. Buzzlightyear87

    Tracking Chest Types

    i agree n actually hate the way research works, i'd rather find a crashed rover with a research cube attached or whatever item you're unlocking you stumble upon it with the blueprints attached, would make exploration way more exciting, n a checklist even in the pause menu just showing at least what you've discovered so far would be a nice touch
  3. Buzzlightyear87

    Can't join friend in multiplayer??

    @Wyvyrias The Xbox one allows you to 'homeshare' with a friend.. my cousin and i have our xbox ones linked to eachother and this allows us to share games, for instance i myself bought Astroneer so he also has it downloaded on his xbox , and that works with any digitally downloaded games only not disc's, and @Kalysto OfAries it really shouldn't be an issue that its homeshared , every game my cousin n i homeshare allows us to play multiplayer, but im not 100% sure
  4. Buzzlightyear87

    Moble Base

    that would be awesome, the more vehicles the better ?
  5. Buzzlightyear87

    my thoughts

    RESEARCH - Instead of finding research cubes in trees and random places id love to see them placed directly beside or even attached to the item it lets say you're driving across a planet and you see a crashed green space ship , the research cube is attached or laying near it to take back and unlock the ship in green...imagine the excitement in exploring then instead of the grind...they could liter the planets with every item currently in the game but in so many colors it would provide countless hours of fun exploration and also at the moment ive researched everything on the starting planet so heading to a new one is a little less exciting...imagine being on the home planet knowing the moon may have a gold space ship or a gold truck , or looking up to see a new color winch sitting on a mountain for you to climb and discover, exploring each planet would be so exciting just from building up your collection of items in many different colors.. CUSTOMIZATION - Nothing makes me want to purchase a game more then its customization features, the more the better, id love to see rims become a seperate research item of its own, finding a buried red truck with yellow rims on it to research and unlock then swap rims out whenever you find a new color...also unlocking colors could work in a way that you unlock color augments to just spray paint designs on your vehicles if they could implement some sort of garage that provides you with a smaller tool to zoom in and add fine detail to your truck or rover or ship... AI - I'd love to see friendly tameable creatures of all sizes to ride around on , and other AI astroneers landing on your planet offering trades or just collecting resources for themselves, just to give single player a bit of company NEW ITEMS - Binoculars, drones, parachutes, snowboards, dirtbikes, heavy machinery like bulldozers and pavers for roads, helicopters, planes, boats, all in a variety of colors to find PLANET DISTANCE - I'd like to see them spread apart more and maybe the starting planet only provides you with a single engine ship at best, so you can only reach the moon, then once on the moon you can discover a twin engine ship to reach the next closest planet, instead of picking any one you want right off the bat...also some planets may need special types of vehicles like an armored plated truck for tundra or a sun blocking suit for arid.. just my thoughts and figured id post it n maybe give adam and system era some ideas or maybe he'll read this and it'll spark other even cooler ideas to move forward with, and also get some community feedback
  6. Buzzlightyear87

    We are the testers

    id like to see the research change from "find research cube in tree" to "find crashed spaceship with the research cube attached"...and have 4 or 5 crashed ships around the while exploring you come upon an old broken winch or a crashed truck or a crashed spaceship n theres the corresponding research cube which then wording could appear on screen like ' ive found a crashed ship with instructions and blue prints i should take back for research '....that would give your astroneer a voice and some story and also what originally attracted me to astroneer was the thought of exploring the unknown n who knows what ill find... this way they could do a variety...find a blue rover..then you find a yellow seat, but you want a blue seat and you have orange wheels but you want blue....planets could be covered in junk in all colors to mix and match and make people want to go over every inch to find everything in green to have everything matching, this also eliminates the wasted trips because if you pull up to a red space ship and already unlocked red leave it n keep going
  7. im pretty sure when the game was released in its earliest version the rocks didnt respawn, hoping they fix this also because making roads doesnt work as well anymore
  8. Buzzlightyear87

    Feedback: Playing with a controller

    -Tapping left thumbstick to sprint would be great over holding it -X BUTTON ENTER VEHICLE / EQUIP TERRAIN TOOL is sometimes a problem...digging a slightly sloped tunnel the rover drifts and flips, i could dig some space if i could only stop entering my rover [Y] ENTER VEHICLE - PLEASE ADAM I BEG YOU NO MORE HALO STYLE DRIVING , i know you agree, END MY SUFFERING ? [LT] BRAKE [RT] ACCELERATE [RIGHT THUMBSTICK] LOOK AROUND ?????? -Keep up the great work system era, astroneer FTW ?????
  9. Buzzlightyear87

    Xbox one

    i stream 2 hours almost daily no problem on xbox one, it does around the two hour mark buzz n freeze... one guy on here said he couldn't run in game then swapped consoles and it worked..maybe uninstall then reinstall , if that doesnt work i'd contact the devs maybe , i kno how annoying it is tho subnautica gave me the same prob, hope you get it figured out bud
  10. Buzzlightyear87

    Goodbye, Paul

    Prayers and condolences to his family and friends , so sorry for your loss
  11. Buzzlightyear87

    Troubling walking/running around on xbox one

    haha thats so weird, im pretty sure if you uninstall then reinstall your saves will remain
  12. Buzzlightyear87

    Troubling walking/running around on xbox one

    no problem it sucks you're having troubles, i agree with snowburn, try deleting your save and start a new game, if that doesnt work hard reset your xbox by holding your thumb on the power button for 10 seconds or so till it shuts off, then start a new game...if that doesnt work uninstall astroneer, hard restart then reinstall...hopefully this fixes it, if not maybe contact the devs ... i didnt modify any controls so its so strange yours is doing that, good luck any other questions just ask ill try to help ?
  13. Buzzlightyear87

    Troubling walking/running around on xbox one

    wow that is really strange and would get old fast...i play on xbox and move around on my feet just fine , do you have another controller you can try using to test if the problem persist?
  14. Buzzlightyear87

    Challenge Run: No Terrain Tool!

    i think this is an AWESOME idea, gonna try it myself now actually.. if you find 3 resin to extend and build a base module then find 4 aluminum (which crash sites almost always have aluminum) you can build a vehicle bay, then 4 compound and a found seat you're free to travel with oxygen.. then if you find the needed resources to create a research module to make a fuel disspenser and trade platform you'll have everything you need..last night i found a winch burried in a cave, so who knows you may be able to make it far , great idea tho ??
  15. Buzzlightyear87

    Truck driving mechanics

    i hate the halo style driving, id rather have an accelerator a break/reverse pedel and steering, makes way more sense since you'd be able to look around and take in the sights while continuing your straight line, as of right now if i want to look left or right while moving im forced to go in that direction or completely stop all together.. it'd be great if they could add the option to choose between the halo style driving or the normal style driving then everyone can have the style they enjoy to use