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  1. mmaackss - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    Any news for the Xbox update ?
  2. mmaackss

    Tether problems

    There should be a way to lock your tether down or you have to aim your cursor directly at it to click it and move it
  3. Placing tethers down on Xbox sometimes will spam out more than just 1 tether . In my opinion I think the button to put down tethers should be one of the bumpers. Anyone else having this issue or is it my controller ? Haha
  4. Audio or written Journal entries left behind from previous astroneers on the dead bodies found or in crashed space shuttles. (Little stories that could help or just entertain us while on our runs for supplies.) optional to pick up and listen/read.
  5. mmaackss


    It'd be super cute tbh
  6. mmaackss


    Okay I know this is gonna sound crazy asf but what about a SPACE DOG ! Lmfao ! (just an idea)
  7. Audio logs would be really cool ! Different voices and situations with each story
  8. mmaackss

    New Astroneers?

    We're new Astroneer characters put into the new patch ? I'm playing on Xbox 1 so the update hasn't happened yet. Just curious
  9. Yeah . Just something optional. give the game more depth to unravel secrets
  10. Finding pages of journals in the crashed spaceships . Having cool stories or tips on surviving the worlds. In general I think having more environmental story telling would be so awesome!
  11. mmaackss

    Building Vehicle idea

    I think it would be cool if instead of being able to build a rover or spaceship with just 4 pieces of compound, you'd have to build all the parts separately. Building all 4 wheels and the seat an engine etc. In my opinion it would give people more satisfaction and accomplishment after fully building a car or spaceship.
  12. Can't progress without FPS drop.
  13. We all need a little privacy
  14. mmaackss


    Having awesome dance moves for all the special occasions in your space adventures!