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  1. So I finally researched the spaceship and decided to go to the moon, i made sure to bring plenty of supplies to start a new base, and i noticed, hey, the spaceship has a connection joint, lets build my base off of that and so i did: Then I started running low on supplies, and i returned to the main planet.... except i brought something with me for the entire trip: Yep, the power line, funny part is, it was even transfering power ALLLLL the way back to the moon through that cable, (now who says space elevators arent possible! xP) I'm not sure if i was suppose to disconnect that before leaving, lol, but i didn't, and when i flew back to the moon, i couldnt, so i was always attached to the moon base no matter where i flew
  2. Johnny_Bandit

    Platform bug - save & restart = connection loss and more

    Actually upon further testing, not even the 1st platform is connected, its only visual, the tether connects to whatever, but only as long as your in range of the habitat tether distance
  3. Johnny_Bandit

    Platform bug - save & restart = connection loss and more

    New Info: this is not isolated to just multiplayer, or was caused cause of crashes, I reproduced the bug in single player, with no previous crashes, as well Just setup the platforms in a line, save, quit, return, tada, disconnection
  4. When creating multiple platforms in a line, it works fine, however, on game save and restart, all platforms after the one next to the original habitat, no longer connect image 1: shows me connected to platform 1 just fine image 2: The 2nd platform wont let me be tethered to it (notice my oxygen level) Image 3: the reason how i noticed, and the "and more" part of this bug report: platforms want to be upgraded despite the "connections" (might have to do with the disconnecting as well) other info: Me and my friend were both playing this map, my friend was crashing alot, which is what prompted me to restart (PC)