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  1. 14 hours ago, blorgon said:

    Haha. What did you have in mind? I was actually thinking it'd be cool to drag crashed spaceships back to base and strip them for parts and metal.

    I like the idea of recyclable material as well. In terms of the crash space ships, What if we could rebuild the space ships by collecting all the parts scattered around the crash site. And even then, maybe we would have to build a few more parts to complete the repaired space ship? Maybe make an engineering platform for bases, where you have to build the fuel tank and maybe all the other parts to vehicles. Some incentive to rebuilding a spaceship as opposed to building one, could be special perks on the result ones, like more storage spaces, or unique colors. Or possibly new destinations or unlocks a quest to find a missing astroneer.  Those could go along really well with the idea I had about including an archive/library platform where people could learn about resources, planets, and descriptions such as where to find them and what kind of dangers/storms are on those planets. 

  2. 11 hours ago, Embrace平 said:

    I like the idea of a Library/Archive, I think it'd be super useful for users to be able to keep track of what they have researched, what they need to research or just what they have discovered in general.

    Thanks Embrace, I do think it would be a really cool idea, especially for new gamers trying to learn about the game dynamics

  3. Some ideas for the game, I've been playing on the xbox one Preview:


    Being able to delete platforms you've built.

    Being able to delete previous saves 

    Being able to delete trees after you harvet their researchable material

    Base Building:

    Have a seperate building just for storage. Perhaps call it Cold Storage. 

    Have a Library or Archive in which researched materials have names, descriptions, where to find them. This could also include planets and moon and what kind of dangers happen naturally there.


    Make it so you can quick move items from inventory to a storage block. 


    Have a Join Friends feature on the homescreen.

    Those are just a few, I'll post more when i think of them. Keep on working on the game, It's awesome!


  4. I've been playing the game preview for a few days now and here is a list of some bugs I've encountered:

    Spawning in:

    Trucks have fallen through the map as I've gone down to the surface.

    Tethers have moved slightly or disconnted all together.

    Items in back pack are floating behind backpack, but are still connected

    Part of base was no longer able to be connected to with natural tether. (A work around I discovered was to place tether along the base and then the base tethers would come out of the platforms like normal.)

    Base connection Hoses:

    Conncection from base to Spaceship was intact when I went to orbit. I was flying around the planet still conncected to my base. I flew back down to disconnect but the spaceship or base connect would not give the option. Spaceship still connected to base hose no matter where I go.

    When driving back to base in a truck, I clicked on the truck to start my connection. The hose with the suction noise came out, but I could not connect. Then I tried clicking on it again to put it away and it just dropped. I tried clicking on it again and it would keep spawning new hoses till there were about 5 laying around and not being retracted. 

    Building terrian:

    When building terrain, if you build straight down onto of yourself, you can fall down through the map/floor. 


    Non-host/player 2 could not place tethers. 

    My friend went up into orbit, accidently ran out of fuel and then couldn't go anywhere. He left the game then rejoined. In doing so, he spawned back in to my bae, and the space ship is still flying around in orbit woth no way to click on it or bring it back to the planet's surface. 


    I hope these help and I enjoy playing Astroneer. If I come across anymore I'll be sure to post them!