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  1. Elevator system is a cool idea. I've also heard of conveyor belt systems to move harvested items around the base without having to manually pick them up and move them around.
  2. I like the idea of surfing down a mountain as well. Maybe they could even put in a parachute or jet pack attachment fuled by hydrazine
  3. I know that there is a goal to have more narrative driven gameplay as mentioned by the developers according to their roadmap post: I like the idea or more creatures in the game as well. The more interaction with the environment the better
  4. Yea terrain locking is a really good idea Shadeaux and Bananatrooper. It could be a whole separate platform where you need to research the materials, and then maybe also make a cement truck as well!
  5. agreed. side note tho, on my games (Xbox) I was able to use the ground vehicle seats on the spacecraft. I thought it was funny that you could go into space with those seats. Let me know if you figure it out Edwon
  6. Probably but if you happen to find a way out let me know
  7. have you tried digging it out and picking it up? If so, I'm not sure how you'd be able to put it on a rover if you can not pick it up.
  8. yea that has been happening to me as well, especially if trucks are attached to each other, I can at most drive two trucks attached. Other than that I'm not sure what advise I can give you.
  9. Yea a lot of people now are describing this issue of not being able to get out of their habitats, the developers will probably be looking into it.
  10. Yea my friend has been having the same problem on xbox. He usually stores all his stuff on a platform now so when he respawns, he still has it all
  11. I've heard of this happening to 2 other users now. It's a good idea Legitbeast, I'm sure that the developers are starting to notice the issue.
  12. Weird, I haven't heard of this happening yet. Let me know if you figure out a way to fix it.
  13. I'm not sure what advise I can give you dragonair. Perhaps try to reinstall the game?
  14. The same thing is happening to this user. I'm not sure what advise I can give to you, but do know that it is an issue that is going on to users besides yourself. Sorry I can't help out more Frady
  15. This has happened to a lot of people. The best option as you said, is to keep them on the gray land in front of you vehicle depot. even then, there has been some people reporting that their vehicles have fallen through that. Another more extreme option would be to make a cave underneath where you normally park your vehicles to hopefully catch them when they fall, but I haven't tested this method yet so I do not know if it works. Also, try keeping a beacon on them if possible, that way if they do fall you might be able to see the marker underground of wherever it ends up. The developers will have probably noticed this issue by now. It is still a game preview/early release, give it time.
  16. I'm not sure what to tell you besides keep trying to get out. Fo me on xbox, all you have to do is press "x" to get out of a habitat. I'm not sure what you press on steam. It is interesting that you can place tethers even though you are in your habitat. Maybe try restarting you game?
  17. So far all we know is that it is an easter egg of sorts. It could be a trophy, but for now it does not have a purpose. Keep it close, tho, who knows what the developers might do with it.
  18. Interesting, this is the first I've heard of it. I'll let you know if I find out something, good find!