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    Tethers and Tractors

    Last evening (9/22/19) I was playing and suddenly my Astroneer began asphyxiating. I had set up my tractor and some tethers and was harvesting resources. NONE of my tethers will attach to a tractor now. Not on ANY other saved games OR in a new one. The line appears as I'm placing it but doesn't connect when dropped.
  2. Synthetic Mode

    PLEASE fix the tethers.

    Everything was working fine. Tethers stopped connecting to the Tractor. They stopped connecting on ALL my saves. Yes I have the oxygenator installed. I've pulled up every single tether. I've reconnected everything.
  3. Synthetic Mode

    Fog of war planetary map.

    Once you've achieve space would be nice if, once back on the ground you could access a map of everywhere you've visited. I'm having a LOT of trouble relocating my base due to chasing my flubber possessed truck.