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    Proper way to power your station

    what version of the game are you useing?
  2. Warbeast

    Proper way to power your station

    try useing a tether to "poke" at a free solarpanel and it should be possible to move it without a winch dont know if thats how its supposed to be
  3. since i cant play multiplayer please test this also: use a 3seat and test if you can drive it from middle seat if yes both get in the 3seat and the person in seat 1 exits and enters the crane try moveing then
  4. please santa give us a handbrake or all wheel drive + wheel lock handbrake so everyone that wants to drill titanium or lithium can use the crane without the vehicle moveing or driveing on its own ... i am annoyed by the rolling vehicles when you sit in them and they slide around & useing the crane... but if you want to haul 6 research cubes you will have a bad time slideing however no problem ... also titanium and lithium patches can be fully mined with crane and link to all wheel drive post by me: meh wrong forum .. pls move to features nontheless its a bug that the truck moves while no one drives it but does use the crane... your call to move the post or copy it since its a bug and a feature request mr. admin/mod/santa
  5. the other option would be let the weight of the truck tax on the power consumption not the force it needs to drag the heavy stuff around... heavy car more energy usage, same speed/torque done....
  6. Warbeast

    Artificial Light Idea

    why would you get lost.... you have a terrain deformer .....do it like the old miners did with the deform tool carve a horizontal line in only the rightside your walking... an Y turn mark the left or right side with a vertical line......forgotten technology..... marking trees and ways with stones ropes or chalk...doesnt this fit also in the spaceage theme?
  7. Warbeast

    Hydrazine Turbine Generator

    dont know about easy or challenging but i do know the power sources in-game do not support a vehicle underground or steady coal/organics supply to power a habitat + research or vehicle it would be easymode above ground maybe but you can adjust the powergeneration to be lesser energy per hydrazine tank as the fuel condenser need to make another hydrazine cell. this would still be plenty enough underground and above ground a nice alternative to a not windy night in a desert with no organics... i highlighted the important parts this time, im not a fan of driveing 10m and scrap the walls of the cave (works just 1 time and then your f''$§"d) for energy and get back in. i also added a tunnel boreing idea as another thread to improve the driveing underground and makeing slopes/ramps to get out of a cave or rescue the car ... it takes forever to do this by hand last time it took me 2h to get the car back up .... in multiplayer i think it should work with a crane manned and a driver to create a ramp while driveing but since im a single player i am screwed
  8. in addition pls make nearby conduits able to snap connect like tethers to prevent something like the pic below from happening again the workaround to that would be the support cable mentioned also check my other idea multithread i expanded some post in there already
  9. while exploreing with the truck i noticed a nice idea: i like driveing into caves and into mountains why not make a tunnel boreing module for the front truck slot... build with 2 drillheads as recipe and or drill with titanium gives the option to steer and destroy terrain from inside the vehicle in a big enough radius to fit the truck with extensions like storage+storage or research crates while giveing it a up to 15° "cone of fire" to create slopes and passageways for truck if not overpowered i would like to see it collect resources from the 15° freedom of motion cone and add it to the attatched storage
  10. Warbeast

    Artificial Light Idea

    use the dynamite texture and add light with twice the lumination from connected tethers + lensflare something like this
  11. for the use of rovers / trucks in caves i would love to have a generator that can be used to power stuff with hydrazine tanks pulling them from attatched storage if needed like coal or biomass. could also be used to give power at night when there is neither coal nor biomass in the vicinity. same stuff from the generator made by the backpack printer only with hydrazine should be easy to add copy paste rework the artdesign the fuel needed done
  12. sry but i dont think getting power from a sandstorm is anyway near to beeing possible watch this....
  13. currently the drivetrain consisting of 3 trucks is only pulled by the front truck which does not make sense since all space probes in use have all wheel drive. please change the way trailers work to all wheel drive to improve traction and weight control, the power per truck should not be distributed only to front drive it should also power its wheels if you want more range add battery or solarpanel to each truck