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  1. Meh... probably for the Automation release and to test who can make the most elaborate Rube-Goldberg contraption.
  2. That's why jet packs and Tribes-style skiing would be awesome!
  3. Steam Version - Minor graphics bug where the tether to your astroneer with rapidly switch between a rover and a base object.
  4. Also in the Steam version. I've tried to bury them entirely, but they fall all over the base, roll around, get in the way... Perhaps a timer can be associated to "dug" up entities and they'll blow away like dust in the wind, or melt into the ground after 15-30 seconds and remove themselves from the game world. Alternatively, can they themselves be harvested, perhaps with a different tool in the future?
  5. I'm getting a relatively steady 40-50 FPS on my aging Q6600, 16gb, GTX570, and Win7. I wonder what's bogging you down.
  6. While I don't want to see baddies just yet, something like the ant lions from HL2 would be a good type. Unless your "thumpers" are powered and functioning, they could sneak up and attack you unaware. And of course after researching them, you could can bend them to your will and start a casino for ant-lion racing!
  7. You can build far away (or on another planet) when you launch your spaceship I believe.
  8. Well it that would be an interesting mechanic, something along warning messages from Demon Souls' games. Though that would mean every procedurally game isn't unique any longer, as clearly people would be sharing exoplanets. Perhaps the developers can sample the data entries to create some lore from it. Or it can create feeds that auto-upload to Twitter. Filters would be needed to minimize the clutter. Possibilities: Base-building events Research events Deaths / Damage Received Number of days alive New Unknown Objects discovered more than an
  9. Ahhh, I don't think I've found any "ore" just al, cu, and ti that's already smelted (from spaceships and artifacts. Thanks all!
  10. You should be able to create multiple nodes, before dropping down structures
  11. I'm not sure how to properly use this piece of base equipment. Any tips are welcome!
  12. While it'll be fun randomly discovering and researching artifacts, has there been any thought of a researchable tech tree?
  13. No, not a special space turd, a game log! Something that auto dates and logs what you've discovered, what your building and researching. Even better if you can get a mix of auto populated items, plus manual entries when a user has limited mobility, say during a dust storm.
  14. Here's after a couple hours last night, just before I blasted off to a barren moon!! ps- somehow the arm on the vehicle bay inverted along with the text.