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  1. Embrace平

    We need a map

    Minecraft style map in the sense that we can only see what we've explored? Obviously it won't be a paper map.
  2. Embrace平


    Dedicated servers would be great. I was playing with some friends yesterday but there's a timezone difference and we couldn't continue our progress since the host had left which was quite annoying.
  3. Embrace平

    Depletable oxygen on vehicles

    Yeah I agree with this, it'd add a bit more realism to the game which is always nice.
  4. Embrace平

    Weather/Storms/Natural Catastrophes

  5. Embrace平

    Weather/Storms/Natural Catastrophes

    Weather is important for any game in my opinion. It sets the atmosphere adds depth and a unique sense the all of the different environments and biomes within Astroneer. Big +1
  6. Embrace平

    Authoring tools/Workshop contribution?

  7. Embrace平

    Transportation and Specialty Platforms

    I love the idea of specialty platforms since my bases always end up unorganised and I just tend to have batteries and solar panel platforms everywhere. Obviously it's not that much of a problem but it bugs me quite a lot lmao. Your ideas on rail and transportation are very interesting too. I really like the idea of some sort of place to place movement of resources as it could eventually introduce some kind of automation aspect to the game. Also, for your performance issues, try and put the game into windowed mode then resize the window making it considerably small. This increases the framerate quite a lot for me. Great thread too:)
  8. Sometimes when I enter seats my character is positioned under the vehicle and not in the actual seat module, then when I exit the seat I'm placed under the ground. Sometimes it forces me through the map into caves and I die from fall damage and others it just forces me out of the top of the ground and I don't die. I'm not too sure how to reproduce this but it happens from time to time.
  9. Embrace平

    Space Stations!

    I really really like this idea.
  10. Embrace平

    I died from gas?!?!

    Just create filters.
  11. Embrace平

    Future Key Game Ideas

    It's supposed to be japanese for peace but the end two characters didn't add to my name.
  12. Embrace平

    Quite an interesting dilema I've got myself into

    If its rooted into the ground dig it out :^)
  13. Embrace平

    Future Key Game Ideas

    I'd love to see more natural aspects being introduced to the game, especially ones which impact the player directly such as the things you mentioned. Excellent thread, full of great ideas:)
  14. Embrace平

    Difficulty Options.

    I think this would be a great idea especially as more NPCS, survival features and hostile environments are added to the game.
  15. Embrace平

    Authoring tools/Workshop contribution?

    Something that I would personally love to see in this game is some sort of authoring tools to create in game modifications or content such as planets. Being a content creator for other games this idea would be pretty neat, especially with the steam workshop being avaliable. This would be a long term goal since there are obviously much more important things to be worked on right now but I just wanted to see others opinions on things such as mods and user created content, even more so to see if the developers would support user created content. Thanks:)