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  1. Idea: Give us a terrain took option for perfectly flat surfaces so that the following doesn't take me 3 hours (This would be a great way to let people entertain themselves until more content is in the game): Perhaps a cube tool, and/or a grid snapping option, and/or a size adjuster.
  2. That would match up with what happened. I guess they do that so that they know responses are related to what is currently on the OP. It would be nice to at least be able to make timestamped additions.
  3. I can't edit my post (above). I edited it a few times to get the bullet formatting I had on reddit, but now I can't edit anymore. Why?
  4. Why can I no longer edit this post? I forgot to tag it with "idea". I also planned to continue modifying it over time.
  5. First I want to say that there are so many things incredibly right with this game. The terrain tool Art and lighting Procedural uniqueness to every new game world loot handling, backpack, interface on the world. Audio effects Outstanding polish put into subtle things, like how a storage unit fits on a truck. I am sure that some of my suggestions aren't in line with your plans, but keep reading. Wide variety of points. My list of suggestions and bugs: Habitat earlier in research. Maybe after truck. Shuttle should be re