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  1. True, thats much better, as you said to break from monotony. Also they could add water pipes to transport the salty water into the evaporation pools.
  2. Hehe second try I have new ideas! Malachite: They should change the color of it, the Malachite is'nt yellow, is a beautiful green color. Latherite: True, it contains Aluminum, but it is'nt a mineral like is shown in the game and it's not used to get aluminum, instead they should put Bauxite, the main Aluminum ore that is used to get aluminum. Titanium: It doesnt grow from the ground, they should implement the Ilmenite, the titanium ore, and melt it to obtain titanium. Lithium: Again, it does'nt grow from the ground, it is'nt a common way of extracting lithium, but there are some lithium ores, I think that the most suitable one is the Zinnwaldite. And adding many more materials, like Silicate for the solar panels, Gold for electronic devises, Maybe adding petroleum and refine it to obtain fuel that can be used for rockets, and the way of obtained is by some drill. Make it in a contained space where you cant mess with it, because if it's in a contained space they would'nt have to mess with the fluid mechanics, because you dont see it, the only thing of petroleum that you could see is the tank full of it.
  3. The CO2 can be obtaine by burning coal, because if we want to use the methane as rocket fuel, we will need a lot of it.
  4. Give that man a cookie. I was going to do something like this, but I saw your post and, holy s**t, you wrote every idea I had and much more. But I would add another thing, changing the fuel mechanics. It does'nt make sense that if you dig Hydrazine, that is a mineral you get an efficient and pure fuel. I would change it by making the Hydrazine an ore, and then refine it with the Fuel Condenser, because it does'nt have sense either to produce fuel from nothing with the Fuel Condenser. Great job blorgon.
  5. I think that the fuel mechanics should change. Maybe it would be better if instead of the Fuel Condenser generating fuel from nothing, use it as a refinery by making the Hydrazine an ore and when refined in the Fuel Condenser transform it into fuel.