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  1. +1 for door closing from me.
  2. Andrax

    Steam VR still launches on startup

    I'm running the latest version - downloaded earlier today (Australia) - and still get the steamVR on launch. Eden Star does the same thing for me.
  3. Nope - can't get out and can't do anything. Time for a new game
  4. Specs: Steam PC VR Win10 Pro Nvidia GTX1080 Intel i7 6700 32GB Ram Oculus Rift Launching Astroneer still launches Steam VR. I've had my rift unplugged and haven't tried with the rift connected.
  5. Specs: Steam PC Win10 Pro Nvidia GTX1080 Intel i7 6700 32GB Ram I took a habitat from my home world to the radiated world. Placed the habitat and then hit Tab to enter and save my game. The habitat - with me in it - launched into the sky and ended up orbiting the radiated world. -Seems to be a similar bug to what happens with rovers or trucks. I can tab into a vehicle, but hit tab to exit and the vehicle jumps in the air and then bounces and crashes to the ground. I had one rover disappear completely and still have no idea if it launched into the sky or underground