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    How do I...?

    Medium storage is made by the small printer. Look at which tab it's on in the catalog when you unlocked it to see which printer to use.
  2. terrycloth

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Half the time when I get out of a vehicle it gets into a state where it won't drive -- getting in the seat just makes it sort of slide whereever gravity would take it. Sometimes I can get it to start working again by walking (not teleporting) very very far away, but that doesn't always work. Saving and reloading always works but that's even slower. This is totally ruining the game. Or at least the use of vehicles. Also, vehicle-mounted drills are almost impossible to control. The rovers always want to dive towards the center of the earth, and if you try to pull back to counteract that they end up making a slope too steep for them to climb.
  3. terrycloth

    How do I...?

    What's the 'compass' people keep talking about? I don't seem to have one.
  4. terrycloth

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Trying a second time seemed to work. The first time I printed and then saved and quit before hooking it up in case that's relevant.
  5. terrycloth

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    In version 10.2, I printed a large storage onto a medium rover, but it didn't attach. When I pulled the rover out of place, the storage fell to the ground in two pieces.
  6. terrycloth

    How do I...?

    You need to level out a HUGE flat area for the large shuttle to build. At least another shuttle-width on all sides.
  7. terrycloth

    How do I...?

    Which platform works for you? I haven't unlocked any of the extra ones yet but I can't get it to build a shuttle no matter what I do.
  8. terrycloth

    Can't build large shuttle.

    I'm having the same problem after the recent patch that added debris and stuff. I tried re-flattening the terrain over and over and even tried installing the vehicle bay on the derelict landing pad, but nothing worked -- I can print rovers, but not large shuttles.
  9. I couldn't build my base at the pole because there was a mountain range there, so to get constant solar power I used about 80 resin to build a pipeline up the side of the mountain range, built a land-bridge from one peak to a higher peak, and then circled around that peak to put a solar panel right at the top. Only, about 60-70 connectors in, the framerate started to get really bad. Dying and being teleported to my original base halfway around the planet didn't fix it. Flying to another planet didn't fix it either. Saving on another planet, rebooting my computer, and then reloading made it better but still not good. Attached what I think is the save file? The problematic base is on the east pole of the terran planet. AUTOSAVE_1_2016.12.26-23.58.45.sav
  10. terrycloth

    New idea for Trade platform - Landing pad

    That sounds really annoying and tedious.
  11. terrycloth

    Found a zebra striped ball

    I found one of those two. I was able to slot it into the printer in a spot where nothing else seems to fit (just under the power columns) but it doesn't seem to do anything.
  12. I had a world with a level of tunnels (two levels down) that were wide and flat, perfect for driving in, so I built an underground base there and built a coal-powered truck, etc. Unfortunately, it's really close to my original base so when I try to come back home from another world I keep accidentally picking the underground base instead. The ship has no problem phasing through multiple levels of rock and caves to land at the underground base, which is really annoying (because it keeps landing on the truck, and because with no solar panels the base isn't set up to refuel a starship).
  13. terrycloth

    How do I...?

    Okay, I feel stupid. You have to press the left mouse button to spin it. x.x
  14. terrycloth

    How do I...?

    How do I use the drill? I stuck it on the front of a truck but it doesn't do anything. I was hoping it'd break through the undiggable rock in all the lithium and titanium deposits? But it doesn't even dig through normal rock. Is there another piece besides the 'drill head' that you need? I stopped getting results from research a while ago but I don't know if that means I have everything.
  15. Steam PC version I had a small base that I was exploring out from using tethers, most of which were connected originally back to the base at the empty platform that I eventually turned into a vehicle bay. When I built a vehicle, the tethers all reconnected to it instead of to the base, and I can't get them to hook back up to the base no matter how close I put them. They still provide oxygen but not power? Unless I leave the vehicle hooked up to the base like this: