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  1. Do you know kerbal space program? Would be cool if let's say wheels could be produced like solar panels and you have like a big base plate with lots and lots of attachment points.
  2. Guys, seriously how old are we? This constant back and forth will lead to exactly nothing other then upset devs because they have to scroll through pages over pages and threads over threads of people smasing their heads. We'll see what's the future of the trading platform and the condenser is going to be.
  3. Even if they adjust the landing zones, you could still simply take your habitat and drag it all the way up, where you want it. Takes some time, but hey..
  4. Honestly another thread about it? I'm done.
  5. Honestly guys.... you're all arguing in a big circle here. Now the discussion is in the very same spot it was like literally days ago. Only time will tell what the devs have planned for it, so please for the sake of world peace, don't smash your heads over fuel.
  6. And now we're back on topic. Possible ways to improve and balance it. This said, I still like Omegasys idea.
  7. All we did was suggesting it. In the end it's still up to System Era what they "organise for everyone else", and they said more than once what they want it to be.
  8. So why are you getting so upset about it? Those mechanics are getting changed, pretty sure.
  9. Wow... this escalated rather quickly here, but I'm on Omegasys side here. I'd really like everyone else to tell me what they're doing ingame other than pushing buttons?
  10. The way you want to balance the fuel condenser/trading post sounds rather good. But I think the way the fuel condenser works right now is just a placeholder. PS: I'd really enjoy reading a book that you've written with all sorts of cheese thrown randomly into the mix
  11. I guess the fact alone that it shows "Unkown Research" indicates that it will show us what we already now and what not. I guess the feature is just broken or not ready right now.
  12. Snafu

    Empty Base Module

    I second that idea.
  13. Snafu

    1 hydrazin 1 resine?

    Well the game is supposed to be easy right now, so everything can be tested easily and by a huge playerbase. If only a small group of player is able to reach the endgame many bugs could be left unnoticed. You guys are "jumping each others throats" over small balancing issues, while the main goal are working game mechanics. How much Restin/Titanium or whatever you'll get for one Hydrazine is probably just a small change in a config or similar.
  14. Snafu

    where do i download the beta at?

    Right click Astroneer in your Steam Library, click Properties, go to the "Betas" Tab and choose accordingly in the drop-down menu.