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  1. And a refresh at the home screen to get newly generated planets ??
  2. Satellites found on planets that could launch into space and be harvested to a space station and the station can be used to refuel and save would be a great addition, as well as mapping satellites or "telescopes" to map out your plannets terrain from a far
  3. For Xbox one, contacted Microsoft still won't open, error with services I think it might be my Xbox
  4. I try to load up my game and it gives me an error code, tried restarting, reinstalling, deleting data and still doesn't work?
  5. When landing in a spaceship or shuttle, trucks and rivers are pushed underground even when the truck isn't on the vehicle Depot
  6. I thought a drill for your truck or rover would be a great addition for mining capabilities, as well as thrusters to reach further planets i also think a great addition would be adding names to your bases and planets, as well as making a shelter, or living quarters with a bed to sleep to day or a central map that has to be researched as well with a bed and oxygen tanks, I also think storage that can open and be placed inside as well as outside to make a more available and expansive storage for players
  7. I have been constantly playing but I always get lost and can't find my base, a map or signs would be great, with customizable text