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  1. Was playing online with a friend, he was the host. After an hour or so of playing, I joined after a crash and noticed that multiple levels of detail were loaded. FPS also went down. No idea how exactly to reproduce this - it just happened after joining for a third time.
  2. I think the saves don't directly affect how the on-map modules perform, but something breaks with the game mechanic - after loading the game yet again, I tried to explore my entire base, and one of the smaller hubs with a wind turbine on top wouldn't work - as in, it wouldn't transfer oxygen/energy. I also built another hub/large platform/do we have official names for these yet? - connected to said turbine platform - and it wouldn't transfer energy/oxygen. So yeah, you're right - tethers have to be in range of the dropship if you want to have them transport oxygen/power after loading the game.
  3. After starting the game again and loading my save, all my tethers have been unlinked from the main grid. That is, before the game, they worked perfectly fine and were visaully connected with the platforms that you build printers/research/smelters/etc on, and were also transporting energy/oxygen. After loading the game, the tethers were still connected to eachother - but there was no visible connection with the platforms, nor were they transporting oxygen/energy. Here's a proper connection with a small platform: Here's a connection with the platform - as you can see, there's a visual connection with said platform. as long as i'm in the working distance from the previously pictured small platform. The fact that the line comes from the large platform is only a visual thing. The picture below showcases what happens when I'm still close to the large platform, but far enough from the small platform: Here are two tethers that worked previously, but, as you can see, aren't connected to the grid anymore How to repeat: Play the game, make tethers that are connected to the large platforms, but aren't in a working range to any other element of the grid (cables, smaller platforms). Save, quit, launch, load, suffocate far away from the base right next to a tether, be confused.
  4. As the title says, my resolution increases from the lowest available back to 1080p (native one for my monitor), every time I go back to menu - so, every time I press ESC. I'm playing on fullscreen mode. Other settings do not reset when I do so - such as the fullscreen option, or view distance. The issue happens on PC/Steam. I'm playing on a lenovo y510p laptop (755m and an underclocked i7 4700MQ)