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    Exo suits/Mechs

    +1 for modular mechs!!! There's a mech combat game in Early Access right now (MAV) which has relatively simple modular construction and it's exactly what I'm picturing for this. You start with the base of the mech by deciding if it will be bipedal, quadrupedal, hexapod, or treaded. From there you go crazy with attachments but the basic formula is what I think is important. In my mind these mechs are simply slower, but "buffed" astroneers. Larger power pack, more storage, arms can be slotted with drills (which should have a larger drill area than the terrain gun), cranes, etc... I think it'd be fitting, I find myself hating rovers/trucks in a lot of scenarios because they can't handle rough terrain well, they like to flip over all the time if I go too fast on the moon, and caves can be a pain to navigate when you have to get out every few feet to place a new tether and/or clear the terrain. If not mechs, give the darn vehicles better suspension so I can handle some stones on the ground!
  2. When you branch a new platform from an existing one, you should no longer be able to turn that first existing platform into a crafting platform. Sometimes you could, now you can't.