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  1. More Dynamite Glitches: And when dynamite explodes plants seem to lose their gravity: (Again sorry for the stream and file download) ASTRONEER_02_09.2017_-_18_26_40_08_DVR.mp4
  2. Dynamite just disappeared when I made it and was about to drop it. (Sorry i was watching a stream) Desktop_02_09.2017_-_18_09_40_05_DVR.mp4
  3. So i was riding my rover (in multiplayer.. i was not the host) and all of a suddent i get kicked out of the rover and into the ground very deep into the caves. I then die from lack on purpose and it happened again and i got pushed up into the surface.
  4. It was briefly talked upon on the stream and i would like to put my suggestion: What if when a player collects organic from the plants that are in the game it gives a jar of paint/dye (something that looks similar to the fuel item) The jar could then be put onto the tool mining thing and instead of adding terrain when you press alt it adds a different color (the color being the color of the plant that was collected) to the terrain.
  5. Title
  6. Debris like solar panels and other crashed objects become static and dont move (and cant be tugged) after a certain amount of time!